Call of Duty Warzone Limited Time Mode “High Action” Leaked

Call of Duty Warzone Limited Time Mode High Action Leaked

Call of Duty Warzone was released for about 2 weeks now. The game already has a huge player base and it will continue to rise for some time, especially since many gamers are self-isolating due to school and job closures. When we are talking about Battle Royale games, the first on that comes to mind is Fortnite. Fortnite changed the gaming world with a lot of new features we’ve never seen in gaming before.

First of all, we had big movie and game sponsorships, like Avengers and Borderlands 3.  These only contributed to the popularity of the game and then there is the Limited-Time-Modes. These were special modes that players can play, and it made the game interesting by changing some parameters. Call of Duty Warzone is following the same route and the first Call of Duty Warzone Limited-Time-Mode has been leaked.

Warzone Limited Time Mode “High Action”

According to the leaks, the LTM is called High Action. Players will be able to find more loot and more cash around. This will change the game because cash can be used for many things in the game. Also, there will be more killstreaks so be ready for the cluster strike spamming.

These Limited-Time-Modes will change the game and will offer players to have some more fun. Warzone had only trios at the launch, but with the last update, Solos was introduced into the game. Activision and Infinity Ward are following a different route than before with the Modern Warfare.

The content is rolled over time. This changes things so basically every week we have something new coming into the game. This is also affecting Warzone. Call of Duty developers was accused of trickle dropping the content. However, this approach is also effective at removing bugs over time.

Call of Duty Warzone will most likely stay as a free-to-play game for some time. However, when will they introduce a new map or new weapons. Modern Warfare already has a big arsenal of weapons. But players will ask for more weapons and more content soon.

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