Call of Duty Warzone Cheating Is Making The Game Unplayable

Call of Duty Warzone Cheating Is Making The Game Unplayable Hack
  • Call of Duty Warzone has been out for more than two weeks, and cheating reports are mounting as the game continues to grow. Will Warzone be another battle royale game plagued with cheaters?

Free-to-play multiplayer games have a tendency to have a lot of cheaters or hackers. Generally speaking, when a new game is out, the general cheating problem is apparent. The same thing happened with Fortnite and Apex Legends Before. Cheating is global, but especially cheats coming from Asian servers are rampant. This issue was so problematic that PUBG had to region lock several Asian servers because they were ruining the game even on different servers. Call of Duty Warzone is no different in this matter. When we take a look at the current situation, cheating is increasing and making the game unplayable.

Warzone Cheaters

Call of Duty Warzone passed 30 million players in 2 weeks. This is an insane amount of downloads in such little time and opens the door for cheaters. Since there is no permanent ban for hardware in the game, cheaters can just open another account and continue to play the game.

Also, region switching is easy and these cheaters can go into other servers and ruin the game for other regions as well. The games anti-cheat is not new since it was put into effect with the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. However, Call of Duty Modern Warfare did not have 30 million players in the game.

In the above video, you can see what these cheaters seen on their screen. They are able to tell where all the players are in a match. There are additional hacks that are used in-game to the point where it really makes the game not enjoyable; even as going as far as saying unplayable. When we are taking a look at the game, currently, we can find hundreds of reports of players being killed by cheaters. There are cheats such as:

  • speed hacks
  • aimbots
  • no recoil hack
  • wallhacks

As the game continues to grow, more cases will rise with cheaters finding loopholes in the game as was the case with Apex Legends.

How to Report a Cheater in Warzone

It’s fairly easy to report a cheater. Players can report these cheaters if they switch over to their view and click on “REPORT PLAYER”. Hopefully, Infinity Ward will be proactive in this regard as was Raven Software and Treyarch.

However, as we have said before, Activision needs to make a better cheat engine for the game currently to prevent incidents such as the Asian servers cheating that we saw in PUBG.

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