Call of Duty Warzone Best Field Upgrades To Use

Call of Duty Warzone Best Field Upgrades To Use
  • What are field upgrades in Call of Duty Warzone, and which field upgrades are best to use? In this guide, we’ll discuss the best Warzone tactics for field upgrades.

Call of Duty Warzone is here and the game is vast and full of differences from other Battle Royale games. The reason for this is, this game is mixed with Call of Duty franchise mechanics. Some players may not be very familiar with this franchise. The game has a lot of different things that you need to consider when you are playing. Call of Duty Warzone is simpler in some ways also. For example, attachment wise, you do not need to consider changing attachments very often. The attachments are set if you are not getting them from drops as custom loadouts. There are field upgrades in  Call of Duty Warzone also. These field upgrades can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Today we will take a look at best field upgrades to use in Call of Duty Warzone.

Stopping Power Rounds

Ever wondered how that enemy took you down that fast, the reason might be the stopping power rounds. These rounds are extremely deadly and you can use them with any weapon. Stopping Power Rounds doubles the damage of the weapon. Most weapons in the game become shredders with these rounds. When we take a look at the general consensus at multiplayer, we can see that most players prefer to use Stopping power rounds as a field upgrade. In Warzone it is no different they are deadly and especially if you can make a mix with a good gun, you will take down opponents in no time.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence received a lot of criticisms from players when the game was released. It is quite simple. It muffles the steps of the players. Of course, they are not %100 silent but it is extremely hard to hear someone if they are using the dead silence field upgrade. In Warzone they are deadlier than ever. You can use them for flanking your opponents easily, they will not suspect a thing. Also when you are infiltrating a building, they can be very useful. Dead silence is extremely deadly at the right hands. In the last circle, you can use them and your opponents will not hear you approaching.

Trophy System

The best defensive gadget in the game most probably. In Warzone they are a bit less useful since you move all the time but, If you are in a good location, and not want to give it up, you can use the Trophy system. This system detonates every throwable object in the game, including the RPG rockets. They are very useful at any location. If you are fending and do not want to get bombarded with grenades this is the field upgrade for you to use.

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