Call of Duty: Soundtrack from the CWL Vegas Open 2018

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The CWL Vegas Open was a blast to watch, and many viewers were wondering what was the music playing during the event, and if a CWL music soundtrack exists?

The CWL Vegas 2018 wrapped up on Sunday night with OpTic Gaming winning the event. Many teams have competed, and many upsets happened, specifically with Red Reserve having one of their worse CWL showings in recent times. Being on the the favorites in the tournament, they were beat in the first 3 games of day 1 which continued throughout the event.

OpTic Gaming on the other hand had a personal vendetta to take care of. Falling behind in the last few Call of Duty World League events, this time was going to be different. With the new additions of TJ and Dashy (and rejoining them team; Karma), OpTic Gaming proved to be a force not the reckon with. They’ve swept almost every match.

CWL Music

During the event, fans everywhere were witnessing some amazing game plays, but additionally were spoiled by an awesome soundtrack by the event organizers. Through the CWL Vegas Open, a variety of tracks have been made, all resembling the typical Call of Duty music we’re use to hearing.

Game Life has put together some of the tracks that were played during the event into a Playlist found below. The titles of the tracks were given, however, here’s the official list of the tracks owned by the respected authors:

Official Author List:
  • Take Back The Night – Tom Boddy
  • Ardent Justice – Mark Denis Ryan Andrews
  • Forgotten Kingdom – Mark Denis
  • Stars Collide – Terry Devine-King
  • Power Play – Terry Devine-King
  • Shock Treatment – Mark Denis
  • Terminated – Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy
  • Disclosure – Chris Blackwell
  • Free Running – Alex Arcoleo
  • Silicon City – Johnny Lithium
  • Crash – Ben Cock
  • Your Heart – Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy
  • Cool Power – Darren Leigh Purkiss
  • Vigilante – Adam Drake|Terry Devine-King
  • Date With Destiny – Andrew Barnabas|Paul Arnold|Terry Devine

If you’re interested in hear more tracks, then you can definitely search for these authors and listen to other great tracks! For the specific track you’re interested in while listening to the playlist, please check the description of the video to see who the author is.

CWL Music Soundtrack – Call of Duty World League:

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