Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Under Fire By The Community

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Under Fire By The Community
  •  Modern Warfare had a successful Beta run, however, it seems like the usual problems are surfacing once again, and it has to deal with loot boxes and supply drops.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is Under Fire by The Community

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had one of the best Betas we have seen so far. The game played great and was well thought of. The gun mechanics also felt great which is pivotal. Of course, there are some changes needed here and there but overall it was probably the best beta we have seen from the franchise. Players were hyped with the Beta, and the possibility of a Free-to-Play Battle Royale mode makes the game that much more desirable. Well, things were looking good for Activision.

However, this did not last. First of all, we have seen that the  Survival Mode in the Spec Ops will be PS4 exclusive for a year. This means that if you are on PC or XBOX  you will not be able to play this before 2020 October. This was not welcomed by players at all. Players from all over the world started to bombard Activision with questions. In general, Call of duty games usually has a life span of one year. Locking this mode for PS4 was an abysmal choice by Activision, and by the time it’s survival mode is available to Xbox and PC players, the game will have died down. At the end of the day, players are paying for the same amount of money regardless of their platform, this means that PS4 users will have more content for a year for the same price.
Twitter response to Activision
Source: Twitter

Supply Drops Issue

The second thing that made the problem was the supply drops. Of course, we got used to microtransactions we do not question their validity anymore as every game has it in some form. But the leaks suggested that there are supply drops locked weapons in the game. This changes a AAA game to a pay-to-win game. This is not acceptable by the players. Black Ops 4 had the same problem. Even though developers made some remarks regarding these rumours they did not deny it.

Players are afraid of the possibility that after the game launches and after good reviews start to come Activision will launch the supply drop locked weapons. This will be a huge catastrophe and can make one of the best CoD we have seen unplayable.

We do not know what will happen, however, it is also leaked that Activision started to feel the pain after these rumors and gone back to the plan of earnable weapons for now. We do hope this is true.

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