Modern Warfare Battle Royale Coming? Season 2 screen shows blurred classified section.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale Coming Season 2 screen shows blurred classified section.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 main menu screen has a Classified Section can this be the Battle Royale that we have been waiting for.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale rumors has been going around for months. Players from all over the world are hyped for a potential battle royale game mode in Modern Warfare. As Season 2 approached there was some leaked information regarding the status of a Modern Warfare Battle Royale. These leaks were not very promising over the speculated idea of it and said it might even be scrapped. However, with the recent Modern Warfare update, there is a section in the game menu written as “Classified“. Can this be the rumored Battle Royale mode?


Modern Warfare Battle Royale?

The idea of a Modern Warfare Battle Royale was amazing, after all, the game was set in modern times with modern weaponry. There were many leaks even before the game was released pointing in that direction. Even the map and the details of the Battle Royale mode was released. In the details, it was speculated that the Battle Royale mode will have 200 players and one of the biggest maps we have seen until now. However, we did not get it in the first season and players waited for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 for it.

As you can see there is a classified section. This might mean that the Battle Royale might come very soon. However, there is another thing in the intro. In the intro, we saw that some soldiers stated that “Gas is closing in”. This is a primarily Battle Royale reference and on top of it at the end of the video we saw some players jumping down from the plane. This is also another Battle Royale reference by the looks of it. Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode is hopefully here but we’ll need to wait just a little bit longer.

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