Call of Duty Modern Warfare SBMM is Breaking Friendships

Call of Duty Modern Warfare SBMM is Breaking Friendships

What is SBMM?

SBMM, which is short for Skill-based Match Making, is a matching system in video games where you will match you with other players at your skill level. Each games program can calculate how you play and match you with the players around your level. However, SBMM is generally included on ranked servers in most games. There is a reason for this, players will not want to play with SBMM because the way it acts is very strong. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game that checks most of the boxes. However there is something that is becoming a problem more and more every day, and that is the SBMM in Modern Warfare. A Redditor claimed that his friends stopped playing with him just because of SBMM.

SBMM takes the skill of the best player if you are in a group. Therefore, if you are playing with friends who are worse than you, they will match with players that are better than them. This will eventually be a problem because it is not fun to die over and over again. According to the Redditor, this is exactly what is happening. Also, we have heard about this more and more every day. The game has been out for more than one and a half months. But there has been no official statement from Infinity Ward regarding this issue. On top of this before the game was released Infinity Ward stated that the game was designed also for newcomers.

My friends won’t play with me from r/modernwarfare

This is not a bad thing. Most of the game changed with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare anyway, such as the classic 3-way map is gone. However, this is also kind of taking the satisfaction away from improving in the game. You are matching with the same bad players over and over again. On top of this, it should take an average of the players at least if they are playing in a group. It is not fun to play in a group otherwise.

No one wants to face a pro player when you are around 1 K/D and the other team is all rocking around 2-3 K/D average. This simply the reason why players are sometimes even reverse boosting. We know for a fact some of the streamers and Youtubers are reverse boosting their accounts. Otherwise, there is no way that they can 60-1 in a game with this strong SBMM. If this issue is even breaking friendships shouldn’t Infinity Ward take a look into it?

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