Call of Duty Maps In Fortnite Creative Mode

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Fortnite gamers have become amazing with their map layouts, creating old Call of Duty maps in Fortnite. Here’s a list of the maps and their codes.

UPDATE: Jan.28,2019

Call of Duty Maps In Fortnite Creative Mode

Two of the hottest games right now are Fortnite Battle Royale and Black Ops 4. What happens if you put them together? Is that even possible? With Fortnite’s Creative Mode it has become possible as gamers are recreating some of the most epic Call of Duty maps in the creative mode. Risky Reels has been replaced by “The Block” and now users are trying their best to recreate their favorite game maps. Fortnite’s new creative mode allows users to create different types of maps. The best projects will get featured inside the live the Battle Royale map. Players that enter a Battle Royale lobby will be able to participate in that specific user created region.

Here is a list of Call of Duty Maps in Fortnite with their codes so you can try them out.

Call Of Duty Maps


Call of Duty maps have always stood out when it comes to multiplayer “run and gun” games. NukeTown was a Call of Duty favorite and could be played in “Black Ops 3” an earlier edition of the famous Black Ops series. In fact, Nuketown was such a common spot for warfare, that it ended up bringing the most anticipated part of Call of Duty’s version of the Battle Royale mode titled “Blackout”.

@bxcon has tweeted out a video posting his version of Nuketown, this video has now crossed 900k views since the upload.  The creator of the custom Nuketown map took around 5 hours to complete.

Code: 0455-9800-7889


Another Creative Mode gem comes from gameplayergtav1. A slick recreation of Shipment from the CoD series. This map was first introduced with Call of Duty 4 and later brought back as an add on for Call of Duty WW2 . It’s a small, face paced map and home to many boosters trying to rank up as quickly as possible.

Code: 4203-6925-0108


Another classic Call of Duty map recreated for Fortnite is Rust. Every Modern Warfare 2 fan remembers the nostalgia and spawn killing when playing Rust. It was by far the smallest map in MW2 and a popular successor to COD 4’s Shipment. The map was created by IXpantherzz.

Code: 3624-9134-2626


By far the most impressive creation to date, this Fortnite replica of Terminal is spot on. Creator XLP620 used all his resources to perfection. Terminal is no doubt a Call of Duty classic, being featured in many different titles over the years. Seeing Terminal as a Fortnite creation is visually impressive and he did an amazing job at recreating the plane out of brick and wood.

Code: 6412-7533-9638

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