Call of Duty League 2020 Season: Teams, Matches, Schedule and Results

Call of Duty League 2020 Guide Teams, Matches, Schedule Updates Esports CDL

Updated May 1, 2020: Call of Duty League – Here is everything you need to know about the Call of Duty League 2020 Season. From weekly updates, to match break down and stats,  be sure to check back as this page for information.

May 1st Update – Dallas and Chicago Home Series

Two Home series has concluded in the month of April. The first home series was the Dallas Open, which also happened to be the first Home Series online play event. It’s the first in competitive Call of Duty that a live event had to be pushed to online play due to something like COVID-19. It took a month for the CDL to organize online play as there are a lot of variables and logistics involved in order to bring CoD esports together.

Dallas Home Series – April 10 – 12

No one really knew what to expect of the first Call of Duty League online play, but things went smoothly for the most part with the exception of some delayed audio. On day 1, we saw who were the weaker teams and who were continuing their dominance. The Florida Mutineers has a shocking first game loss against the struggling Ultra who showed signs of improvement in their game. The LAG, Surge and Rokkr also lost their first day games. In the qualifying rounds, The Florida Mutineers made a nice comeback and beat the Ultra who they lost to earlier on. In the Semifinals we would see the four best teams in the league, Dallas, Minnesota, Chicago and Florida.

Many fans expected the Empire and Huntsmen to meet in the finals, however, the Mutineers and Rokkr had something to say about that, beating them to move into the finals. In the end the Mutineers would dominant the Rokkr to win their first Home Series event.

Chicago Home Series – April 24-26

The Chicago Home Series was going to be a competitive one, with the top 3 teams in the league playing in this one.  The New York Subliners, Seattle Surge and LA Guerrillas continued their struggles as they were eliminated from the tournament in the qualifiers. The Royal Ravens and OpTic Gaming didn’t have their best showing as they were eliminated early on in round 1. What looked like a comeback from OpTic Gaming since the last live event quickly reverted to their old ways of not finding their way. Despite the team having some of the best players in the league, questions will need to be answered sooner than later. The Lond Royal Ravens quick departure from the event was a head-scratcher as prior to the major break, they were gaining ground and really improving with every tournament.

In the end the league would see Atlanta FaZe, Chicago Huntsmen, Seattle Surge and Dallas Empire. It would be Seattle’s first semifinals, a much-needed appearance by a team that also has many stars on their roster but have been underperforming all year. The Atlanta FaZe would beat the Surge in a close series, and Dallas would finally beat their arch-nemesis to move onto the finals. What many fans were expecting was a win for the FaZe, however, Crimsix stated in an Instant Reaction with Rich Campbell that the Empire have a plan against the talented young roster of FaZe. The Empire came out flying against FaZe, and it seemed that Crimsix (C6) was right about their game-plan. They would take the first map. The FaZe would fight back, taking a very close SnD map 6-5. But that was about the only map Atlanta would win as the Empire came back hard winning back to back maps to win their 2nd Home Series in the league.

March 21th Update – CDL Suspends Live Events

The Call of Duty League issued an official statement, moving home series events to online only due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It was a move that many agreed to given the nature of live events and how castitrophic it would be if attendees would catch the virus at a CDL event. Esports doesn’t seem to stop for any sort of virus as the matches will continue and the Dallas Empire Home Series on March 28th will still continue, however, more details will come about the setup of an online tournament.

Call of Duty League Coronavirus
@CODLeague Twitter

March 7 – 8 – Los Angeles Home Series Recap

Los Angeles hosted the CDL on March 7th and 8th, with 8 teams competing and 4 staying home. the Huntsmen would be staying home for this event while the teams who didn’t participate at the Atlanta Home Series would make their way back to LA. The leaderboards painted a different story this time around. The Huntsmen were still at the top leading the pack, with the FaZe right beneath them and the Paris Legion in 3rd place.

On the first day, the usual suspects lead the way; FaZe, Empire, Rokkr and surprisingly OpTic Gaming. It would be the first tournament that OGLA would record a win, however, they did better than that. They moved into the Semifinals in dominant fashion. Things have finally turned around for the all-star line up which was plagued with questions leading up to this event. Atlanta FaZe continued their domination and landed a spot in the semis with OGLA. Remarkebly, like the last event we saw a first reverse sweep in the semi-finals, this event we saw the first elimination of two teams that moved into the semi finals from day one. Atlanta FaZe would lose their first match again the Rokkr, and OpTic Gaming LA would lose to the Empire. We would have a first finals with Minnesota Rokkr versus the Dallas Empire.

The Rokkr and Empire were even up till the last game 5. It would be the first game 5 in a CDL finals, and the Dallas Empire proved they were the clear winners, dominating the last game. Dallas win 3-2 over Rokkr and claim their first home series win.

Feb 22 – 23 – Atlanta Home Series Recap

Atlanta hosted the CDL on Feb 22nd and Feb 23rd, with 8 teams competing and 4 teams staying home. Heading into the home series in Atlanta, The Huntsmen were at the top of the leaderboards with Paris LEgion in 2nd place. There was a tie for 3rd place between the Dallas Empire and the London Royal Ravens. After this tournament, the leaderboards would clear up in more ways than one.

On the first day, the Huntsmen and FaZe cruised into the semi-finals.The semi-finals had some of the most exciting matches in Call of Duty history. The Huntsmen met the Mutineers in one part of the semis while the FaZe and Rokkr were in the other. Both matches went to a game 5 and both matches had a reverse sweep. It was the first we’d see in this league and no one predicted it. The Chicago Huntsmen lost for the first time and we’d see a match-up between the FaZe and Mutineers in the final.

The Atlanta FaZe sept the Mutineers 3 games to none and were able to successfully defend their home turf. They would also be the only team to win their home series in the CDL.

For a full run down of the tournament, click here: CDL Atlanta FaZe Home Series 2020

Feb. 9 – Day 2 – London Royal Ravens Home Series

The Copperbox Arena was filled with cheers and chants as the London Royal Ravens ended day 1 with a reverse sweep. The Dallas Empire started off with a win against the Seattle Surge, but conceded to Chicago Huntsmen in game 2. Other notible mentions is New York Subliners dropping a 2-0 lead against the Ravens, and Seattle finally getting on board with a win against the LAG. The Huntsmen and Royal Ravens would wait for things to settle at the Losers group stage before they find out who they’ll be playing.

London Home Series Sunday Schedule Feb 9
Source: @CODLeague

Losers bracket Results

Here are the results from the losers bracket:

  1. Los Angeles Guerrillas 2 : Seattle Surge 3 (reverse sweep. LAG Eliminated)
  2. Paris Legion 3 : Toronto Ultra 1 (Ultra Eliminated)
  3. Dallas Empire 3 : Seattle Surge 1 (Seattle Eliminated)
  4. New York Subliners 0 : Paris Legion 3 (Subliners Eliminated)

Semi Finals Results

The Dallas Empire and Paris Legion were able to battle their way out of the losers bracket to get to the semi-finals. Here are the results:

  1. Chicago Huntsmen 3 : Paris Legion 2
  2. London Royal Ravens 2 : Dallas Empire 3 (reverse sweep)

Finals Results

The final match of the day seemed inevitable. The Chicago Huntsmen and Dallas Empire would meet for a second time this tournament. Two weeks ago, the Huntsmen had Empire’s number, beating them 3-1. Yesterday, Chicago replicated their win and beat the Empire 3-1 again. The Dallas Empire were pushed into the losers bracket and had to fight their way out to make it to the semi-finals where they beat the London Royal Ravens in a reverse sweep, the 3rd reverse sweep we’d see in the London home series. While Chicago had their own troubles, losing two maps in a single series for the first time against the Paris Legion. In the end, King Scump came out to play and dominated in the last Search and Destroy map with his team to sweep the Legion 6-0 and taking the series 3-2.

Just before the finals, Damon Barlow aka Karma gave his prediction for the final match, giving it to the Huntsmen. In his words:

“I think realistically, Chicago because we had a very close series versus Dallas and we were playing very poorly.” – Karma

As the first map was Azhir Cave, and both teams were playing hardpoint. Both teams were playing a close game when Arcitys made a clutch play to take out C6 (Crimsix) and Clayster to recapture caves. That was the turning point as the Huntsment continued to stay on top of the Empire, taking the first map 250-239. The next match was Search and Destroy in which the score could have gone either way. The final was 6-5 for the Huntsmen, and Gunless’ play on a 2v4 clutch was the highlight of the map as he managed to get three kills in the final moments of a defuse and protect the bomb in time.

The Chicago Huntsmen took the 3rd map in Domination, sweeping the Dallas Empire and winning the first regular league event of the CDL in London. At the end, Scump did an instant reaction with Frankie Ward in which he said that the Empire had closer games this time around, especially on Search and Destroy. But in the end, his team came out strong and even when he wasn’t able to perform at his best, the rest of his team took over. In two weeks time we’ll head over to Atlanta where the Atlanta FaZe host their first home series.

Chicago Huntsmen VS Dallas Empire London Home Series
Source: @CODLeague
London Home Series Winners Chicago Huntsmen
Source: @CODLeague

Feb. 8 – Day 1 – London Royal Ravens Home Series

The Call of Duty League home series headed into London for the weekend, and there were a lot of unanswered questions coming into this event. Questions such as Dallas Empire’s position in the rankings, would Chicago Huntsmen continue their domination, and who would be the stand out player. Saturday’s event was lined-up with some heavy hitters including the LA Guerrillas, Chicago Huntsmen and Paris Legion. Empire, Subliners and Surge were trying to breakout as they had a subpar performance during the launch weekend in Minnesota. The crowd at London was energetic, bringing in the noise for their home town Royal Ravens and booing everyone else when they could.

The crowd even went against Maven at one point, as they did in last seasons CWL London event when they were cheering “Maven you’re bald”, and “Shut up Maven”. Of course, it was all in good humor. The schedule for Saturday was as follows:

London Royal Ravens Home Series Saturday Schedule
Source: @CODLeague

The first match had the Paris Legion, which went 2-0 during the launch weekend go against the New York Subliners that struggled in their first showing going 0-2. As was predicted, New York came out blazing and desperately looking for their first win as a team in the CDL. NYS took the first map 250-202 on Hardpoint. The next match was Search and Destroy where the Subliners easily took 6-1. This was the first time Paris Legion had their backs against the wall, going down 0-2. Although Paris Legion won the next map to get closer to NYS, they weren’t successful in the last Hardpoint, conceding to the Subliners.

New York Subliners 3 : Paris Legion 1

The next match was Dallas Empire vs Seattle Surge. Both Crimsix and Karma would play against each other for the first time. In the first match, the Empire has a sweet comeback against the Surge taking HArdpoint 250-225. The entire Dallas team were ecstatic with the win and brought that momentum in game 2 SnD. As was the first map, the Empire came back winning four straight rounds to beat Seattle Surge and go up 2-0. This was enough to give the Empire the confidence they needed as they went on to sweep the Surge 3 games to none.

Dallas Empire 3 : Seattle Surge 0

Dallas Empire Beat Seattle Surge at London

The 3rd match of the day was between Chicago Huntsmen and the Los Angeles Guerrillas. The London crowd was entirely behind the popular Huntsmen which included the dynamic duo of FormaL and Scump. Everyone wanted to see how the LAG were going to compete against the top team in the league. Aches and crew had a great first showing during the launch in Mi9nnesota, however, many fans in the community said they wouldn’t stand a chance against the Huntsmen. It seems like they were right as the Huntsmen had a clear 3-0 sweep against the LAG who were undefeated before the London home series.

Chicago Huntsmen 3 : Los Angeles Guerrillas 0

FormaL gave his instant reaction with Frankie Ward:

Huntsmen Defeat LAG at London

The marquee match of the day was between the home team Lond Royal Ravens vs the Toronto Ultra. Both teams went 1-1 during their first showing at the launch weekend and both teams looked to be equally squared. But with the home crowd behind the Royal Ravens, the Toronto Ultra had a big hill to climb. As the match started, the entire crowd were chanting their home team, giving them the energy they needed to beat the Ultra in the first hardpoint match, 250-221. The momentum carried over in their map 2 win in SnD. The Ultra cut the momentum of the Royal Ravens on Domination where they won 209-173, showing some signs of life in the series. But the London Royal Ravens had too much power to lose in front of their home crowd and won the series 3-1.

London Royal Ravens 3 : Toronto Ultra 1

After the Royal Ravens win, Skrapz took to the CDL panel and celebrated his win by giving a pie to the face of Rich:


The first Qualifier Match was a setup everyone was hoping for. The two rivals going at it again. Scump vs Crimsix. FormaL’s sniping vs Illey’s sniping. It was a chance that Crimsix was looking for after Scump gave a little trash talk after the game ended during the Minnesota launch weekend. Would The Dallas Empire get the win they badly wanted? In the first map on Hardpoint, it seemed like a carbon copy of two weeks ago. The Huntsmen were aggressive, pulling the same approach as they did with Empire in their last meet-up. The Huntsmen were dominating every hardpoint, and Scump was going on a frenzy, being the pain in the backs of Empire defending the hanger. There were some moments where Dallas looked like they could come back but the position of the Huntsmen on the map were far superior, taking the game 250-151.

On map 2, it was a different story, for a short period. The Dallas Empire went up 5-3, needing just one win to tie the series up. Crimsix was on his game, clutching out a moment that left the casters speechless:

But that would be the last light of hope for Dallas as the Huntsmen pulled together as a team and came back to win 3 straight rounds, taking it 6-5. It was a blow to a Dallas team that thought they had it in the bags. Clayster showed a face of frustration as he couldn’t believe his team dropped the lead.

Scump even mocked the team for “choking”, giving up 3 rounds:

Dallas came back in domination, winning convincingly 250-160, which was mimicking the same win/loss pattern as two weeks ago when these two teams met. In the last match on hardpoint, the Dallas Empire took a first-half lead but weren’t able to close it in the end as the Huntsmen were just better positioned throughout the map. It seemed that Dallas Empire wasn’t able to capitalize on the rotations like Huntsmen were, and Envoy was the king of the hill with more than 3 minutes of hill time, being the marquee player of that match. The Chicago Huntsmen take the day in dominating fashion and being the favorites to come out on top in London.

Chicago Huntsmen 3 : Dallas Empire 1

Here is the full match between the Empire and Huntsmen:


With New York finally getting a win on the record, they were looking to upset the home team, the London Royal Ravens. This would turn out to be the match of the day. The Subliners started off strong, with Temp leading the NYS and putting a dent in the hopes of LRR fans by taking the first map 250-187. Temp was giving the loud crowd a piece of his mind as he stood up and looked right at the crowd with some choice of words. In the second map, the Subliners took SnD going up 2-0 in the series and really giving doubt to the London fans. But there was a special moment in that game with the Call of Duty twins Wuskin and Skrapz pulling a 2v4.

The Royal Ravens were down 2-0, but that didn’t stop them from thinking about the reverse sweep which has happened many times in Call of Duty esports. It started with a win in domination. The Royal Ravens topped the Subliners 202-152 in convincing fashion. Dylan started to get on a roll and the twins were looking better than ever. In the next match i Hardpoint, everything was going the Ravens way. Jurd was making sure to grab the hills, and Rated was being a pain holding down key points on the map from the Subliners. It was all Royal Ravens in game 2 as the battles were being won by them. All Subliners were having a negative K/D and time spent on the hill were low. It was an inevitable loss for New York forcing a game three. With one map left, it was the Dylan show that took over.  With both teams being considerably equal throughout the match, the Ravens were up 5-4 needing just one round to win to complete the reverse sweep. Dylan in the last round was on fire, lighting up the Subliners and dominating in every way possible. With a last kill by Skrapz, the Lond Royal Ravens completed the reverse sweep which got the crowd buzzing.

London Royal Ravens 3 : New York Subliners 2

At the end of the day, the brackets look interesting with a rematch between the LAG vs the Surge and Legion VS Ultra from the launch weekend. The Chicago Huntsmen and Lond Royal Ravens sit in the Semifinals waiting for their next opponent. Day 2 will definitely be an interesting bunch of matches.

CDL London Group Stage Bracket Sunday Schedule
Source: @CODLeague


The CDL Launch Weekend is everything we could have hoped for, and Day 3 was filled jammed-packed action. Eight teams would compete on the final day to solidify their position for the rest of the season. After the launch weekend, fans have a clear view of which teams need some more work and who to look out for. The schedule for Sunday can be seen below:

Day 3 CDL Launch Weekend Sunday Matrch Schedule
Source: @CODLeague

The first match of the day had the Paris Legion facing off against the London Royal Ravens.

1. 2:30 pm Paris Legion VS London Royal Ravens

Both teams went into day 2 as the underdogs, and both proved to the CDL world that they should be taken seriously. The London Royal Ravens swept the NY Subliners while the Paris Legion upset LA OpTic in Day 2. Both teams looked very good heading into day 3. The first game had both teams playing Hardpoint. The game was fairly even with Kismet leading the Legion to a 250-214 victory, giving them a series lead. The second game was Search and Destroy, and the Royal Ravens were looking to even things up. Dylan is considered one of the best European SnD players and he was looking to shine for the Ravens. The team ended up getting a quick 4-0 lead over the Paris Legion and everyone were writing them off. But the launch weekend saw one of the biggest comebacks as the Legion won 6 straight rounds to take the map over the Ravens. The momentum shifted to the 3rd map which Paris won, going 2-0 in the CDL launch weekend. Kismet was the highlighted player in the series as it’s his first-ever appearance on the professional stage.

Result: Paris Legion 3 VS London Royal Ravens 0

2. 4:40 pm Chicago Huntsmen : Optic Gaming LA

The Huntsmen versus OpTic Gaming was a match no one wanted to miss. It was old OpTic of Scump and FormaL versus the new OpTc. But after the first day, many fans were wondering if OGLA were going to be able to handle the wrath of King Scump, who on day 1 beat the Dallas Empire in convincing fashion. But as the first game commenced, OGLA fans would see remanence of day 2 carry into this match. The team dropped the first game 250-176 on Hardpoint. The Chicago Huntsmen looked like they were on a mission. FormaL was having the snipes of his life and Scump was being OG in all his gunfights. Gunless, Envoy and Arcitys were absolutely deadly, and on point with all their plays. The Huntsmen played as a solid unit while OpTic looked like they were out of sync. The Huntsmen would take game 2 SnD 6-2 and game 3 to sweep OGLA.

In the end Scump gave a quick interview with Chris Puckett and said that he only has love for OGLA and that he even told Dashy not to be nervous before the match. It was a different tone compared to his opinions of Dallas Empire and Crimsix.

Result: Chicago Huntsmen 3 : Optic Gaming LA 0

3. 7:15 pm New York Subliners : Atlanta Faze

The Atlanta FaZe looked like the best team in the tournament after their debut on Day 2 by sweeping the Dallas Empire 3-0. On the other hand, The New York Subliners were sept by the Ravens on Day 2 and were looking to make an impression against FaZe. In game 1, the Subliners did give a good run and were on par with Atlanta FaZe, but the combo of Simp and Cellium were just too strong for them to handle, dropping the first game 250-211. What seemed like a repeat sweep for FaZe ended with the Subliners fighting back in Domination, winning 201-136, making it their first match win of the tournament.

But that would be the only shine of light that the Subliners would see as FaZe would come back to win the next two maps, going 2-0 in the weekend tournament.

Result: New York Subliners 1 : Atlanta Faze 3

4. 8:30 pm Toronto Ultra : Minnesota RØKKR

The last match of the launch weekend had the home team Rokkr versus the Toronto Ultra. Both teams won their first matches in the tournament and were looking to continue that streak. In the first game, Minnesota Rokkr beat the Ultra 250-229 in Hardpoint, but the Ultra silenced the crowd in the second game, winning SnD 6-3 to tie things up. This didn’t faze the Rokkr as they beat the Ultra in Domination to go up 2-1. With the crowd behind them, the Minnesota Rokkr would take game 3, going 2-0 in their home showing.

It was a great launch weekend and fans had a very good view of the overall picture and what to look forward to. The next event will be in London, and the top eight teams from this past weekend will be competing there. Here is how everything looks heading into London.

Group Stage Bracket Stage London CDL Esports
Source: @CODLeague

Day 2 Recap – Call of Duty League Launch Weekend

In day 2 of the inaugural Call of Duty League, we’ve seen team stories, player introductions, upsets, and a bit of Hector Rodriguez and Gary Vaynerchuk. The day would showcase more matches with many teams making their first appearance such as the Ultra, FaZe,  Subliners, Royal Ravens and Legion. It was an exciting day for CoD fans because a lot of anticipation has come down to the launch weekend. Questions such as who’d perform the best, which players would break out, who would do the smack talk was looming in the air. The first match of the day was the Subliners vs the Royal Ravens. Both teams has an exceptional line-up, and New York had an advantage in terms of ranking as they were higher on almost everyone’s list. However, the match-up couldn’t have been more lo-sided. London Royal ravens came out with a bang, with the Call of Duty Twins wreaking havoc on the opposition.

Dylan, who’s considered the best European player also had a great showing. The team was too much for the Subliners which consisted of top players, ZooMaa, Temp, Attach, Accuracy and Zer0. It was a shock that even the CDL panel couldn’t comprehend. The second match of the day had the Toronto Ultra lead by Methodz and Loony against the Seattle Surge, who a day before, lost against the Florida Mutineers. Although the Surge were looking to get their first win, Ultra had other plans. The match-up was the most even we’ve seen in launch weekend so far and it cam down to the last round on Search and Destroy. Being a 3vs2 situation for the Surge, it seemed like they had the cat in the bag. But with a slip-up from Octane, and a 1v1 gun fight loss by Slacked, Enable was left against Loony and Classic in which they took advantage of the situation and closed out the match. The match could have gone either way but now the Surge are down 0-2 to start the season and Ultra get their first CDL debut win.

The next match was the LA Guerrillas playing against the Florida Mutineers in another close match. Both teams played exceptionally well in their debut with the Mutineers getting their first win and the LAG losing to the home team, Rokkr. However, it would be the LAG with Aches leading the way for a 3-2 victory over the Mutineers, and Aches was booed on stage while giving his post-game interview. Although Aches is not a favorite amongst the fans in Minnesota, he had a stellar performance to get the first win for the LAG. The next match was the antiquated OpTic Gaming Los Angeles debut against the Paris Legion debut. Almost every CDL fan wrote the Paris Legion off as the OGLA team consisted of an all-star line-up. On paper the comparison wasn’t even close, however, we would see the biggest upset in the tournament thus far.

The debut for both teams started off with some player entrances to the stage, and JKap holding up a sign saying “Slasher’s OpTic”. But the enthusiasm wouldn’t last long as the Paris Legion surprised the veteran team with a 250-235 win on Azhir Cave in Hardpoint. The Legion were playing incredibly well, and did out-play OpTic Gaming LA on the map. Although the score was close, the Legion played more organized as a team and didn’t let anything slip through the pipes. OGLA did come back on the next map in SnD by winning a convincing 6-1 and showing the world that the first map loss was a fluke. But that wasn’t the case. The Paris Legion lead by Kismet were too much for OpTic as they won domination 184-166.

The Paris Legion would go on to upset one of the best teams on paper in the Call of Duty League, sending shockwaves across social media. The CDL panel were completely shocked, however, impressed by the strong showing of the Legion. The last match of the day had the Atlanta FaZe going up against the Dallas Empire. This was one of the most talked-about matches as the Atlanta FaZe has the youngest team consisting of some of the best young guns in the game such as Simp. The Empire were looking to bounce back after losing to rivals Chicago Huntsmen. The first match was a Hardpoint win for the FaZe who were neck at neck with the Empire. But after that first match, everything went downhill for the veteran Empire team. Clayster would see his ex-teammate, Simp, shine through the matches, causing havoc on his team. FaZe would take SnD 6-0, and then finish of the series with a sweep against the Dallas Empire. Atlanta put on a clinic, and send a strong message to the teams in the league that they were going to be top contenders. It was an exciting day 2 and day 3 starts now.

Call of Duty League Match Schedule Saturday Launch Weekend
Source: @CODLeague

Here are the matches and results from Day 2 below:

Day 2 Match Results

1. 2:30 pm – New York Subliners 0 : London Royal Ravens 3
2. 3:45 pm – Toronto Ultra 3 : Seattle Surge 2
3. 5:00 pm – LA Guerillas 3 : Florida Mutineers 2
4. 6:15 pm – Optic Gaming LA 2 : Paris Legion 3
5. 7:30 pm – Atlanta Faze 3 : Dallas Empire 0

Stay tuned for Day 3 updates.

Day 1 Recap – of Duty League Launch Weekend

The second day of the Call of Duty Inaugural season started. What we’ve learned from day 1 was that the new league has drastically changed. From changes to the way teams accumulate points throughout the season and the teams themselves, everything is different. We’ve also learned that YouTube would be the official streaming part of the CDL. The only way to catch all the CDL action would be to view the official Call of Duty League channel as the live games and replays will be shown there.

On day 1, we’ve seen the most passion coming from some of the older players in the league. The first match of the day had the Chicago Huntsment play the Dallas Empire. Prior to that game, the online CoD community were saying that it wasn’t going to be a match and that the Dallas Empire would easily win. In addition to that, the CDL panel ranked its top teams in which Dallas Empire was ranked number one. However, the outcome of the first game was unexpected as the Huntsment defeated the Empire. Some CoD esports fans have called it an upset, but considering the make-up of the Huntmen it’s anything but. Scump and FormaL wanted to prove to the CDL world that they were not the underdogs, and they showed it on day 1 by defeating a top tier Empire team.

Another upset was the Florida Mutineers defeating a very experienced Seattle Surge team. The Surge were coming into day 1 as the favorites to win their first match, considering they have one of the greatest Call of Duty players in the world playing for them; Damon “Karma” Barlow. However, the Florida Mutineers had surprising showings from unlikely players such as Skyz and Frosty. Prestinni also had something to say about the Surge being favorites as he was one of the best players in the series, and truly being a back pain to the Surge.

The last match of the day was the home town team, Minnesota Rokkr playing against the Los Angeles Guerillas. The Rokkr ended up winning the series, without some controversy due to a forfeited match 2. But towards the end of the series, the Rokkr were the better team, looking solid and firing on all cylinders. Although the Rokkr won, the Guerillas shocked fans far and wide with their performance, as they showed they are a team not to be taken lightly.

Day 1 of the Call of Duty League Launch Weekend

The Call of Duty League inaugural season started today in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A long 4 months have gone by since CoD esports fans have a taste of competition. It’s the longest break in Call of Duty esports history and all teams were eager to get into the action. The season started off with highlights from players, pre-season team building and short interviews with some of the Call of Duty Legends like Crimsix and Scump. The CDL panel consisted of Lottie Van-Praag, TeePee, and NAMELESS.

Launch Weekend The Armory Minneapolis CDL Esports
Source: Call of Duty League
Call of Duty League Panel Analyst
Source: Call of Duty League

Joe Deluca (Merk) and Clint Evans (Maven) were calling the shots. Before jumping into the launch weekend matches, here is what the Call of Duty League season will unfold.

Call of Duty League Teams

There are 12 city-based teams competing in the CDL which consist of:

Atlanta FaZe
  • Tyler Pharris – ABEZY
  • Michael Szymaniak – MAJORMANIAK
  • Chris Lehr – SIMP
  • McArthur Jovel – CELLIUM
  • Preston Greiner – PRIESTAHH
Chicago Huntsmen
  • Seth Abner – SCUMP
  • Matthew Piper – FormaL
  • Alec Sanderson – ARCITYS
  • Dylan Hannon – ENVOY
  • Peirce Hillman – GUNLESS
Dallas Empire
  • Ian Porter – C6 aka CRIMSIX
  • James Eubanks – CLAYSTER
  • Cuyler Garland – HUKE
  • Anthony Cuevas – SHOTZZY
  • Indervir Dhaliwal – ILLEY
Florida Mutineers
  • Preston Sanderson – PRESTINNI
  • Bradley Bergstrom – FROSTY
  • Cesar Bueno – SKYZ
  • Colt McLendon – HAVOK
  • Chance Moncivaez – MAUX
London Royal Ravens
  • Matthew Marshall – SKRAPZ
  • Bradley Marshall – WUSKIN
  • Jordan Crowley – JURD
  • Thomas Henderson – DYLAN
  • Rhys Price – RATED
  • Dylan Daly (Substitute) – MADCAT
  • Sean O’ Connor (Substitute) – SEANY
Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Patrick Price – ACHES
  • Ulysses Silva – AQUA
  • Jacob Cato – DECEMATE
  • Andres Lacefield – LACEFIELD
  • Renato Reyna – SAINTS
Minnesota Rokkr
  • Justin Fargo Palmer – Silly
  • Alex Carpenter – ALEXX
  • Adam Garcia  – ASSAULT
  • Obaid Asim – ASIM
  • Adam Brown – GODRX
OpTic Gaming LA
  • Kenny Williams – KUAVO aka KENNY
  • Brandon Otell – DASHY
  • Thomas Haly – TJHALY
  • Austin Liddicoat – SLASHER
  • Jordan Kaplan – JKAP
New York Subliners
  • Lamar Abedi – ACCURACY
  • Trei Morris – ZER0
  • Donovan Laroda  – TEMP
  • Thomas Paparatto – ZOOMAA
  • Dillon Price – ATTACH
Paris Legion
  • Luke Rigas – LOUQA
  • Conrad Rymarek – SHOCKZ
  • Denholm Taylor – DENZ
  • Zach Denyer – ZED
  • Paul Breszynski – BRESZY
  • Matthew Tinsley – KISMET
  • Timothy Landis – PHANTOMZ
Seattle Surge
  • Damon Barlow – KARMA
  • Ian Wyatt – ENABLE
  • Sam Larew – OCTANE
  • Josiah Berry – SLACKED
  • Bryan Zhelyazkov- APATHY
Toronto Ultra
  • Anthony Zinni – METHODZ
  • Daniel Loza – LOONY
  • Nicholas DiCostanzo – CLASSIC
  • Cameron McKilligan – CAMMY
  • Adrian Serrano – METTALZ
  • Mehran Anjomshoa – MAYHEM
12 Call of Duty League Teams
Source: Call of Duty League
Where to watch the 2019 CWL Pro League

This year all of the Call of Duty League matches will be available on the CDL official YouTube account as YT has the exclusive rights to the league. You can watch the matches here:

Matches won’t be available on Twitter like fans are used to in the past few years.

CDL Weekend Launch Schedule

Here is the schedule for the launch weekend:

  • 5:30 pm – Chicago Huntsmen VS Dallas Empire
  • 6:45 pm – Florida Mutineers VS Seattle Surge
  • 8:00 pm – LA Guerillas VS Minnesota ROKKR
  • 2:30 pm – New York Subliners VS London Royal Ravens
  • 3:45 pm – Toronto Ultra VS Seattle Surge
  • 5:00 pm – LA Guerillas VS Florida Mutineers
  • 6:15 pm – Optic Gaming LA VS Paris Legion
  • 7:30 pm – Atlanta Faze VS Dallas Empire
  • 2:30 pm Paris Legion vs London Royal Ravens
  • 4:40 pm Chicago Huntsmen vs Optic Gaming LA
  • 7:15 pm New York Subliners vs Atlanta Faze
  • 8:30 pm Toronto Ultra vs Minnesota RØKKR

This page will be updated of all CDL news, stories, and results. Stay tuned and don’t forget to use the hashtag #CDL202 to interact with the CDL community.

Call of Duty Esports Format

Here are some of the basic info for the format of the Call of Duty League:

All Modes

All games will be 5v5.

Gameplay Settings (New Settings Added)

  • Allow Field Upgrades: Enabled
  • Field Upgrade Charge Rate: Normal
  • Field Upgrade Score Modifier: Normal

Advanced Settings (New Settings Added)

  • Zone Neutralization: Enabled
  • Marksman Rifles (All) – Crossbow
  • Specialist streaks (Temporary) – Restriction has been lifted
Maps & Modes List

Search & Destroy:

  • Arklov Peak
  • Gun Runner
  • Piccadilly
  • Rammaza
  • St. Petrograd


  • Gun Runner
  • Hackney Yard
  • St Petrograd


  • Azhir Cave
  • Gun Runner
  • Hackney Yard
  • Rammaza
  • St. Petrograd

Jan 24 Friday Results

1). Chicago Huntsmen VS Dallas Empire

The CDL inaugural season started off with Chicago Huntsmen and Dallas Empire. The two teams were ranked high on the CDL panels list. It was a very highly anticipated match and the Dallas Empire were the heavy favorites. It would be Scump Vs Crimsix, who was going to come out with the fire and get the first win of the CDL. Who has done the preparation to get the first win?

The match started with Chris Puckett introducing both the Chicago Huntsmen and Dallas Empire, with players from teams making their way to the front stage. Despite the great intro, there was a 30-minute delay before fans were able to see the match.

Chicago Huntsmen Vs Dallas Empire Maps and Modes
Source: Call of Duty League

There couldn’t have been a better match-up to start the new league. Both teams on paper consist of all-star players and breakout players. Here are the details of the match

GAME 1: Hardpoint – Azhir Cave

The match started with Huke getting the first blood on Scump, and Formal getting the second kill on Illey. Dallas started off with a nice start going up 14-0 on Hardpoint. Dallas was holding the first hardpoint down and forced Chicago to rotate to the next hardpoint. Envoy was holding down the 2nd hard point, breaking through to gain 34 seconds of hill time.

Dallas Empire versus Chicago Huntsmen
Source: Call of Duty League

The Dallas Empire rotated to the 3rd hilltop. Scump was starting to gain momentum and picking up a few kills to edge his way to contest the hilltop. At this point it was neck at neck, having both teams exchanged leads throughout the game. At one point Scump and Formal took out the entire Dallas Empire team during the second rotation which helped boost the Huntsmen up 36 points. There was a great comeback happening for Dallas.

WINNER: Chicago Huntsmen 250 : Dallas Empire 195

The Huntsmen take the first win in the new Call of Duty League, and Scump stood up at the end screaming towards the other side at Dallas Empire, most likely make some comments towards Crimsix.

Game 2: Search and Destroy – Arklov Peak

Shotzy came in with the first blood against Scump, with both teams working their way to the middle throwing smokes and Dallas was on the offense first and managed to plant the bomb. Shotzzy and Crimsix were left and Shotzy made an incredible snipe to get Arcitys off the bomb for the first-round win. Now Dallas was on the defense with Huntsment looking to plant. Formal found the first blood against Scump. Huke made an impressive flank using dead silence and took out Gunless and Formal. Scump was left with a 1v3 and wasn’t able to plant the bomb with time running out. In the 3rd round, Dallas made a mid-push. Chicago left B-site open for Dallas to take advantage. This round had Dallas Empire written all over it with Clayster taking out Scump on the defuse.

Dallas was up 3-0 at this point, and Gunless was yet to find a kill in the match. Arcitys hits a snipe to open things up against Crimsix. Chicago ended up planting the bomb at A on a 3v3. Scump takes down two Empire players to finally give Chicago their first win in S&D. However, that would be their only win as Empire took.

WINNER: Dallas Empire 6 : Chicago Huntsmen 1

Game 3: Domination – Hackney Yard

With everything tied up, both teams were heading into Domination on Hackney Yard. Both teams were neck at neck around the 40 points, but Chicago Huntsmen started to take over, going 19-5 at one point dropping everyone on the other team. The Huntsmen were nearly up by double and Empire were trying everything they could to take over the A-side. But Huntsmen were too strong and dominated the entire match.

WINNER: Chicago Huntsmen 202 : Dallas Empire 157

Game 4: Hardpoint – Gun Runner

The Dallas Empire were looking to come out strong right out of the gates after dropping Hackney Yard with little effort. Things were looking good for Empire as they were taking the lead to go up by 20. But the Huntsmen had other plans and slowly creeping back up and taking the lead at 142 to 182. The Empire had a strong push to bring the game closer and Crimsix was on fire. However, Huntsmen were too strong, and everyone was stepping up from Scump, Formal, Arcitys, Gunless and Envoy. Collectively they showed they were the better team today as they worked together to achieve the goals of each match and it clearly showed on Gun Runner.

WINNER: Chicago Huntsmen 250 : Dallas Empire 173

The Huntsmen beat the Empire 3-1 taking the first CDL league win. As soon as the Huntsmen won the series, Scump and FormaL made sure the other side (specifically a special someone), know that the win wasn’t a fluke and that they are game for the entire season.

2). Florida Mutineers VS Seattle Surge

The Mutineers and Surge are another anticipated match-up, with the Seattle Surge being the favorites to win the series. Miles “Miles Ross and Philip “Momo” Whitfield were calling the shots. The games would be best out of 5. As each player was going down to the stage, Karma flashed the 3-sign with his fingers to show that he’s a three-time CoD champion. Things were going to heat up from here.

Here are the results below of the match below.

Florida Mutineers VS Seattle Surge Maps and Modes
Source: Call of Duty League
Game 1: Hardpoint – St. Petrograd

As the game started, both teams rushed towards the first hardpoint. Maux got first blood on Apathy to start things off, but Seattle Surge came right back, downing 4 players to open the game up and hold the hardpoint. On the rotation, the Mutineers were able to hold down the point and grab the lead going up 58 to 30 pts. The Florida Mutineers were leading at one point in the game, with Skyz and Maux leading the pack with kills and hardpoint score.

But the Seattle Surge wasn’t going to go down easy and only one of four players on the team were in the negative KD. Octane was leading the pack with most hardpoint time and Karma was leading with most kills. A few short rotations and the Surge were back in the lead, taking control of the match. Karma was shinning through and help down the last hardpoint, taking our four Mutineers to get the victory with the Surge.

WINNER: Seattle Surge 250 : Florida Mutineers 198

Seattle Surge Win First Match Against Florida Mutineers
Source: Call of Duty League
Game 2: Search and Destroy – Gun Runner

The Mutineers were looking to get back into the game on Gun Runner, but Seattle went up with a quick 1-0 to start the match. Things took a turn as the Mutineers came back with two straight wins, and both Prestinni and Frosty stepping up to the plate with a 2.1 KD.  In round 3, it was Surge on the offensive, rushing the B side and trying to come back and even things up. But Skyz had something else to say about that, getting two important kills while defending the B side. The Mutineers took round 4 to go up 3-1.

The Mutineers were too strong on Gun Runner and were able to even up the series 1-1.

WINNER: Florida Mutineers 6 : Seattle Surge 3

Game 3: Domination – Gun Runner

Both teams headed back to Gun Runner, but this time were going to play Domination. The Mutineers didn’t slow down and rushed to C to capture their point. Frosty continued his strong run, going 9-0 at one point and impressing the Minnesota crowd. This helped the Mutineers get ahead in Dom. But the Seattle Surge were determined to come back and captured B to have two locations.

The match was very even, with both teams reaching 180 each. But with 10 seconds left, Florida wasn’t able to hold onto B and Surge won the match in a very close score.

WINNER: Seattle Surge 188 : Florida Mutineers 183

Game 4: Hardpoint – Azhir Cave

The Surge were looking to close out the series after winning the first Hardpoint match on St. Petrograd. Florida came out strong going up 30 points. However, Seattle was locking down every hardpoint after that and making it difficult for the Mutineers to break through at all. Some key moments by Skyz and Frosty helped push the Mutineers closer to Surge. The Mutineers held down cannon and wiped out the entire Surge team to take the lead again in the game.

Rotation switched back into saves where Skyz managed to create the flank and break down some of the Surge players. But Surge were still holding caves down to take the lead. But the slight lead didn’t last long as Mutineers had a solid rotation and were getting strong performances from Skyz and Maux. Havok pulled a clutch play at the end while Surge were holding down caves by throwing a smoke nade to create confusion and sneaking up in the back to take out Karma and Octane and recapture caves. The Mutineers pull the win and even up the series at 2-2, heading into a game 5.

WINNER: Florida Mutineers 250 : Seattle Surge 218

Game 5: Search and Destroy – Rammaza

CoD esports fans would see the CDL’s first game 5 of the season. It only took the second game of the season for that to happen. Game 5 went to Search and Destroy on Rammaza, a map that has many loops and holes, and can be a burden for any team that does not have the map down packed. As the game started, Frosty tried to get a quick snipe for the first blood and missed by a few inches. The Mutineers needed to plant the bomb and Maux was looking to head towards A with the bomb. Karma got the first blood on Frosty, but Skyz came back with a few kills to go ahead and got two more for a 4-0 KD to start the match. Mutineers took the first round.

Florida Mutineers Sweep Seattle Surge 6-0
Source: Call of Duty League

This momentum would carry on throughout the match, and Prestinni was having a solid game along with Skyz. The Surge didn’t have a hand on the map, and Mutineers were moving around with all the confidence behind them. Apathy had a tough match, with no kills in the game. Octane, Enable and Karma all went negative in the match. The Mutineers clearly showed they were the better team on the last match and collectively worked as a solid team to break down the Seattle Surge by taking the last round and giving the Surge a sweep on Rammaza.

WINNER: Florida Mutineers 6 : Seattle Surge 0

Florida Mutineers Beat Seattle Surge
Source: Call of Duty League

3). LA Guerillas VS Minnesota ROKKR

The last game of the day featured the home town Minnesota Rokkr versus the LA Guerillas. The fans cheered long and hard for their team which feeds into the Minnesota Rokkr. Silly, Alexx, Assault, Asim and Godrx all showed excitement from their fans, and were ready to take on the Guerillas. Thomas “Chance” Ashworth and Ben “Benson” Bowe were calling the match.

Minnesota Rokkr Live
Source: Call of Duty League
LA Guerillas VS Minnesota ROKKR Maps and Modes
Source: Call of Duty League
Game 1: Hardpoint – St. Petrograd

The Rokkr came out strong and took advantage of a slow Guerillas. The Rokkr were in control, with Asim, Godrx and Silly dropping the Guerillas. The Guerillas lost three hardpoints in a row with Rokkr coming out on top, leading as much as 28 points. But in a quick turnaround, the Guerillas found their drive and were faster on the rotation, beating the Rokkr to go ahead in points.

LAG VS Rokkr New Hardpoint CDL
Source: Call of Duty League

The Guerillas were able to break through, going ahead with 70 points on top of Rokkr. At this point in the match, it seemed that Rokkr have lost momentum. Aqua was absolutely integral to the Guerillas domination towards the end of the match as the was taking control of the hill and accumulating the most time of any player in the match. It was more than 2 minutes of hill time and the Los Angeles Guerillas come out on top, upsetting the home team in the first match.

LA Guerillas 250 : Minnesota ROKKR 169

Game 2: Search and Destroy – Piccadilly

The match started off with both sides being cautious about their approach, with Lacefield and Godrx sniping. The Guerillas got the first 3 kills making it a 5v2. The bomb was planted by the Guerillas and Assault was the last remaining player on Rokkr to try and defuse the bomb, but he was fragged giving Guerillas a 1-0 lead. Rokkr came back quickly with 2 straight wins, but that was short-lived as the LAG equaled things up at 2. Lacefield came out strong in round 5 for the Guerillas to take the lead and the momentum carried through the rest of the match with the LAG taking SnD for a 2-0 lead.

LA Guerillas 6 : Minnesota ROKKR 3 (Match was Forfeited)

Game 3 Domination – Hackney Yard

With the Rokkr down 0-2, they were looking for some life in their gameplay. Right from the start, the Rokkr rushed two sites to take advantage, and with the LAG’s guard down the Rokkr took all three locations to take the lead. But the LAG came right back and took two hills back to try and minimize the gap. The Rokkr were keeping control and staying ahead of the LAG for most of the match.  The Minnesota Rokkr were able to break through and win a map, closing the score at 2-1 overall.

Minnesota ROKKR 191 : LA Guerillas 173

Game 4 Hardpoint – Hackney Yard

Both teams were heading back to Hackney Yard, but this time the game mode would be hardpoint. Like the last game, the Rokkr came out strong taking the lead ahead of the Guerillas. The Rokkr looked like a completely different team on Hackney Yard, dominating the Guerillas. Alexx at one point in the match took out all the LAG by himself, and the Minnesota crowd was going wild.

Minnesota ROKKR 250 : LA Guerillas 167

Minnesota Rokkr Victory Call of Duty League
Source: Call of Duty League

Minnesota gets the win at home, winning 3-1 over the Los Angeles Guerillas. Afterward, the CDL panel displayed the Hardpoint Damage Dealt Leaderboards which has C6 (Crimsix), Octane, FormaL, Apathy and Arcitys leading the group.  Stay tuned for more action from the CDL launch weekend.

Call of Duty League Damage Dealt Hardpoint Launch Weekend
Source: Call of Duty League

Day 1 of CDL Launch Weekend Video

Catch all of day 1 action below:

Read Game Life on the GO: Follow us on Twitter @GameLifeHQ

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