Call of Duty Black Ops 4 March 12 Update

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 March 12 Update

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 March 12th Update has finally made way with new events. There’s loads of more content hitting XboxOne, Playstation 4, and PC that will kep you busy for months.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 March 12 Update

For this incoming patch, Treyarch Studios launched St. Patricks’s day festivities with a new events, Shamrock and Awe. The company is also administering features such as Host Migrations to Zombies and the first variants to existing maps. These features have been long-awaited in the Black Ops 4 Community.

In this newly released tweet by Treyarch, devs from Black Ops 4 capitalizes on upcoming content that will bring forward League Play improvements to all platforms. The bulk of new content making way will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 users. This content includes new updates to Blackout and Multiplayer modes.


For PlayStation 4, Stockpile is being brought within the new update.  This mode was seen previously in Black Ops 3 which most of us recognize as Fracture. Stockpile will be given a new look this update right on time for the St. Patrick’s Day surprises that will make way. Also, quickly approaching to Multiplayer is the new Contraband Hurricane. To switch things up, this will give the popular map a new weather variant which has really excited fans.


The Unrelenting battle royale will now be giving fans a new Spring Map Update which will reflect the changing of seasons. Similar to the winter update previously, the spring update flourishes with new coats of color throughout the map.

For the hardcore players out there, the deadly battle royale will now be deadlier than ever featuring its own hardcore mode. It’s on.


For the hardcore Zombies fan out there sparks a brand new deadly and gruesome gauntlet Treyarch calls, Hellcatraz. Meanwhile, Host Migration will finally make their way into Zombies. If all goes well, the feature should alleviate the frustrations of a great match going to waste if the host randomly drops out of the game. Hopefully, for those amidst Hellcatraz, the new Host Migration patch should alleviate frustrations of a match being halted if the host drops out of the game.

To see the full list of patch notes click here.

What do you guys think about Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Update? Will you be destroying Zombies in Hellcatraz? Or will you get destroyed by the Contraband Hurricane?

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