Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards Stats – Week 1 – Nov 26, 2017


Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards Stats Week 1 – Nov 26, 2017 are released and Game Life is here to break down the list of legit Call of Duty players.

We’re happy to introduce to you the first of it’s kind; the Unofficial Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards for the week of Nov 26, 2017. Every week Game Life will publish and make a video on our YouTube channel doing a recap for WWII on the Xbox One (Ps4 coming soon). The game was released on Nov 3rd of this month. The data scientists here at Game Life let a few weeks pass by before tackling the Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards.

Call of Duty Data Scientist

Vinny D is one of our data scientists. He’s been playing Call of Duty games since the beginning of time and has gathered up all the information from last Sunday. The way these recaps will work is that every Sunday night, at 9:30pm Eastern Time, we will publish the updated leaderboards. What the leaderboard recaps will show is the grinders, the movers, the guys who are working their butts off competing to be in the top 100, or even better, the Top 10.

As of Nov 26, 2017, here are what the Unofficial Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards look like:

Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards Stats - Nov 26, 2017
Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards Stats – Nov 26, 2017


Take Note

What you’ll notice is that this leaderboard doesn’t look like the leaderboard you see when you login to your Xbox One and check the stats for this game online. Why? Because there has been some altercations to the leaderboards. We’re all very aware of who are boosting online. If you’re wondering what a booster is, it’s nicely explained in this article about Call of Duty Leaderboards.

Vinny D did a nice job of removing the current boosters on the WWII Leaderboards. Who was removed? Anyone with a Score per minute above 600 are incredibly suspect, and a lot of the boosters that were removed were in the 1000’s which is not possible. How do we know it’s not possible? Because the average score of the Top 10 LEGIT players in the game is 394.189 (3941.89 divided by 10 = 394.189 score per minute). The average drops when you go outside the top 10.

So anyone above 600 is definitely suspect. We also know the usual suspects that boost in every game, most infamous is the MaFiA and STB clan. Again, these are the Xbox One Leaderboards, so I doubt they have a PS4 division. Anyone with those clan tags in their gamertags were removed without hesitation.

Here are the players that were removed:

Call of Duty WWII Boosters Cheaters

You can also notice the “days played” is significantly lower than the LEGIT players we kept on the leaderboards. These boosters will only be mentioned once in the introduction of the weekly leaderboards wrap up as we don’t want to spend too much time on people who delegitimize the ranking system.

We have our own thoughts on Activision and Ravensoftware when it comes to removing boosters from the leaderboards, however, that will be another post to make.

You’ll notice that there are red arrows next to four players. Vinny D wasn’t sure if these players are boosting or not, but my take would be that CordingJester9 “might”, and I say big “MIGHT” be legit, but I believe the other 3 are booster hard.

Problem with these boosters are that they can boost for a day, and then blend in their boosting stats with actual legit stats, thus, making it difficult to tell who’s boosting or not. Which is why we need the help of the community to come forward and provide info as well.

Information such as video clips, screen captures would be great. In the meantime, here’s the list of the top 25 players currently in Call of Duty WWII on the Xbox One. Only the Top 25 players will get their gamertags posted on

Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards – Week 1 – Nov 26, 2017
  1. DooMByAdriianLo
  2. Twitch MadTv510
  3. lll GAMING lll
  4. All Tactics YT
  5. Purplexor
  6. Tourva
  8. Millenium Zykem
  9. TzR Chaos
  10. Kxbrah
  12. TheAWGLife
  13. nervy
  14. l Bernice Mac l
  15. Oef
  16. Emmanuel Hudson
  17. Fly
  18. LegibleAuthor0
  19. Scudze
  20. MG OliverDistres
  21. Warxninja6
  22. Shylo
  23. Lands
  24. X55
  25. IDefuse X

Stay tuned for this Sunday, Dec 3, 2017 for the weekly update of the WWI Leaderboards. If there are boosters within this top 60 we posted let us know. Or perhaps some players were removed from the list that were legit, please do let us know. Human error is common :).


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