Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards – Top 100 – PS4 – Dec 11, 2017


The Call of Duty leaderboards are filled with cheaters and boosters. Game Life has removed all the known boosters in the game through stat analysis and created the Top 100 PS4 Leaderboards for the week of Dec,11, 2017.

Call of Duty WWII Leaderboards – Top 100 – PS4 – Dec 11, 2017

Welcome to Game Life TOP 100 COD WW2 PS4 Career Leaderboards. This is week 1 of the TOP 100. For you new readers, it’s very simple. Boosters and cheaters are removed. We then show previous weekly ranks and what changes are going on with the top 100. This is week 1, extracted on Monday morning, December 11th.

This will keep historical breakdowns of every week going forward. Don’t need to be a sweat so early on, you have a ton of time to crack the board. As you will quickly notice, top 50 guys tend to change weekly and you can quickly see who the grinders are and how they separate from the pack. Cheaters and boosters are non existent and should you have any info on someone sneaking on the board, you are always welcome to provide us feedback.

Bye Bye Boosters. Really not that bad, as you can see below, only 13 in the top 100. All removed from the list.

Call of duty Boostyers Removed

Because this is week 1 and we have no previous weeks to fall back on, the leaderboard is pretty vanilla. Next week things will be much clearer as you will see who has jumped and dropped. Game Life working on a website to keep all data tracked for the players. We will be covering the biggest movers and fall outs. We also create a weekly video to recap the data and look over numbers with you guys.

DEC 12 2017:

A couple of notables that we will keep a close eye are the 500+ SPM elite club:
#18 – YOUTUBE__Kor3aYn – 574.30
#23 – CASHCrAZy94 – 510.13
#31 – Grand_JeepMazz – 548.69
#38 – ACC_GHOST_____ – 569.30

A great set of elite players and can’t wait to see how things play out with these guys dueling it out over the next couple of months.

Also an excellent race in the top 20 going on right now with some average SPM players just grinding it out putting in hard hours:
#19 HunT-2-GO Score:7486625 SPM:322.83
#20 El_diabloo_v14 Score7344865 SPM:324.62
#21 SMOKE–AK Score:7333870 SPM:299.99

So there you have a recap of week 1 with all the stats shown above. See you all next week!

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