Buying Black Ops 4 Accounts

Don’t want to grind? Have a full time job and can’t commit? Are you a full time student with no time to rank up? Here’s the next best thing. Buying Black Ops 4 Accounts.
Buying Black Ops 4 Accounts

BO4 has officially launched and buying Black Ops 4 accounts is sure to follow. This short article is a reminder to tread very lightly if you are looking to buy or sell BO4 accounts or boost your way to level 1000. We see it every year, jubilation when the new COD is launched with everyone scrambling out of the gates to prestige up. As may be be aware, Game Life manages a custom COD leaderboard, so we know a thing or two when it comes to ranking up and boosting.

There are the grinders who will work their way to an eventual LVL1000 but some players go down the “pay” to level up route.

XB1 WW2 Accounts

Let’s look back at January 2018, when account cloning was trending for XB1 WW2 accounts.

People were paying 20$ for accounts while some were getting fished in closer to paying 100$. How long did the accounts remain active? The accounts remained on the leaderboards but were fried very quickly.

Basically, it really is not worth buying Black ops 4 accounts you see floating around the internet. It’s still very early but you will start to see more and more of these types of offerings going around.

buying black ops 4 accounts
buying black ops 4 accounts

-They don’t work guys and you will get shut down for no reason.

-You must wait for a game to pass its yearly life cycle before trusting the seller of a COD account.

-Ask for total history spend on the account.

-SPM should never be above 450.

-Ask how much % of the challenges are complete.

Again, this never assures that you are buying a legit account, but it at least gives you a good chance and not being fooled into purchasing a dud or boosted account that won’t get you anywhere. Hope this short article makes you think twice this year if you know of anyone looking to boost or pay the way to the top.

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