Black Ops 4 Leaderboards Career Scores Are Not Updating

Black Ops 4 Leaderboards Call of Duty David Vonderhaar Not Working Tracker
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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 player career scores are now halted at 16,777,215 points per player. A telltale sign that Black Ops 4 Global Leaderboards are not going to happen? 

Black Ops 4 Leaderboards Career Scores Are Not Updating

Call of Duty leaderboards have been a popular feature since inception. Stats and leaderboards have always been an important part of the COD franchise. Although there are some mixed opinions about the leaderboards, it’s safe to say that the CoD community does like to see how they process online. While some chase leaderboards for bragging rights, others do it to track progress. Although in recent years, boosting has dampened the authenticity of the true COD grinders, the leaderboards has never lost it’s popularity.

BO4 Does Not Include Global Leaderboards

At the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, players quickly took to social media looking for a reason why the game did not include global leaderboards. This was not uncommon, as previous titles delayed the official release of its players stats and leaderboards. However, as time passed and new features added, leaderboards remained missing. The first true sign of concern is when COD studio director, David Vonderhaar, tweeted out about the status of the BO4 Leaderboards being added into the game:

BO4 leaderboards status
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This was the first indication that leaderboards may not be included.

BO4 player stats and leaderboard websites

While the in-game BO4 leaderboard status was absent, many websites launched their own player trackers and leaderboards. Sites use APIs to pull down players stats and display them in realtime. This gives BO4 players accurate, up to date stats and leaderboards to track. Every player stat included in the game can be seen on a website, while leaderboards can be filtered by different stats and platforms.

Career Scores Not Updating

As BO4 rolls into it’s fourth month, top BO4 players are seeing their career scores maxed out at 16,777,215. Other stats continue to update on BO4 wesbites however the most important stat of all seems to be maxed out. Official in game leaderboards have always filtered by total score first. Any true leaderboard grinder will agree that the most important stat is career score. As new players hit the 16,777,215 milestone, the leaderboard becomes irrelevant, as there is no longer a way to determine position or gaps between players. Although this is currently only affecting the top players, as time goes on, many more players will be maxing out their score. Here is an example of how the scores look:

BO4 career Score not updating
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As soon as a player hits the mark of 16,777,215 his score will no longer increase. Sadly, we have seen this situation in the past. Particularly, going back to 2007 with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare where the points were capped off.

My Call Of Duty

My COD does not include BO4 leaderboards and this is where the stats come from. The website is what holds stats to distribute to other tracker websites, and is the reason why the career scores are capped:

bo4 career score

Player stats are updated and held in this format and then passed over to other websites. Career scores are now stuck at 16,777,215 through Activision’s official website.

What’s Next?

Based on the tweet and the online career scores not updating, it does not look promising. If career scores are not updating, there is no way for players to truly see who is on top of the leaderboards. The leaderboards, for some, is the reason they grind online through public matches. To try and reach that #1 spot in the leaderboards. Take that away and many grinders out there feel there is no goal to reach to. Motivation becomes a factor for them as the point of playing matches and grinding was to accumulate a large amount of points to move up the leaderboards.

Simply put,

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