Black Ops 4 Blackout Gear Official Merch

Black Ops 4 Blackout Gear

With the arrival of B04 coming, Activision is sprucing up their website and Call of Duty Shop. Right now they have their Black Ops 4 Blackout Gear Official Merch available for sale which you can buy right now.

Merchandise available

Call of duty Blackout is set to launch on October 12 2018. Beforehand, there’s plenty to do before the game comes out and one of those things is to get Black Ops 4 Blackout Gear. Furthermore, the Call of Duty® Official Online Store has just released it’s new line of Blackout clothing to get you geared up and ready when the game comes out in October of this year. You can check it out here.

COD Collection 2018

The new collection from COD showcases a beautiful Black Ops 4 Hooded Zip up sweater, a slick looking Black Ops 4 rolled cuff tee and a Black Ops 4 34 Oz Bottle. You’re probably thinking what’s up with the bottle? It’s probably for all the hardcore gamers that will be pulling all-nighters. If they’ll be glued to their TV it’s a good idea to have some sort of hydration solution next to them.


You can take 15% off your first order if you subscribe to the Call of Duty® Official Online Store newsletter. You’ll just need to confirm your subscribe by checking the email you used to sign-up with. It’s totally worth it if you have a big order.

Given how popular the new Black Ops 4 Blackout game will be, I can imagine the apparel flying off the racks as with previous titles that hit the official store.

Exclusive Collectibles?

What should you expect in the up coming months? Limited Edition zippos? Exclusive apparel?  The COD store has a reputation of adding a bunch of new merchandise and apparel before the weeks of their newest title and like we saw with Call of Duty WWII they released a set of limited edition zippos. They were “timed” releases. Every week on a Friday the store would list a limited edition zippo which consisted of a set of 6.

With that in mind, what will the COD store do this time? Maybe a limited edition watch? Bandanna? Perhaps even a life-sized replica Call of Duty rifle? I’d be totally down for that.

Give us your thoughts on what’s in store in the upcoming months leading up to the new release. In the meantime, you can always get started with the hype by purchasing some awesome Black Ops 4 Blackout gear!

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