Best Gun Class for Blackout [Call of Duty]

Best Gun Class for BlackOut Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Esports
Image source: Activision

Playing Call of Duty Blackout for the first time? It can be punishing to those who just started. Knowing your surrounding, finding the right combinations of guns and equipment isn’t easy for a starter. Here’s a guide for the best gun class for Blackout to get you started.

Best Gun Class for BlackOut

Whatever your gaming style is, this is the best gun glass if you want to get more wins, and that’s the point if you ask me, not your K/D, it’s all about getting that victory. This is more geared for Solo play, but can also apply this for Duos or Quads.

Primary Gun
Call_of_Duty Black Ops 4 Swat RFT Best Gun Class for BlackOut
Image source: Activision

Your primary gun if you’re running in the open or anticipating long distance gun battles is the SWAT or the ABR. I prefer the SWAT, but the ABR is a guaranteed dominant beast if you have decent aiming skills. The sight for SWAT should be an ELO, little recoil, and precision aiming even at long distance. If I can have a silencer attached, I will. It helps with almost no recoil, and it doesn’t sound an alarm to nearby enemies. If you find a tactical SWAT, use the Recon scope with it.

Call_of_Duty Black Ops 4 ABR 223 Best Gun Class for BlackOut
Image source: Activision

For the ABR, you want to use the DUAL Zoom, it lines up the enemy perfectly with high accuracy. Keep the long barrel on it as it does a lot of damage from a distance (which is what you use the ABR for). I find adding silencer on the ABR drastically lowers the damage on the enemy.


If you can’t find an ELO scope for the SWAT, a Reflex scope will do the job. Mind you, if your aiming sucks none of this advice will help. I have my sensitivity pretty high at 12 vertical and 11 horizontals. This allows me to move around, look quickly, turn around if getting shot from behind, and my aiming is still good compared to that of someone who uses 8/8. It takes a few games to get used to it, but once you master the high sensitivity it only adds more of an advantage to you.

The second gun, without a doubt, should be the Spitfire full equipment with an ELO scope. You carry this when you move into tight spaces, or get close to building or anticipate if an enemy is close. Some people like the Laser sight as an attachment, I prefer grip because it helps with aiming down sight. Use this gun class and get more wins! Hopefully this Best Gun Class for BlackOut guide will help you with your gameplay.

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