100 Thieves Fan Gets Booed At CWL London Event. Gets No Love From Crowd.

100 Thieves Fan Gets Booed At CWL London Event. Gets No Love From Crowd.

Jess Brohard was interviewing fans in the Copper Box Arena at the CWL London event, and when she got to a 100 Thieves fan, the crowd wasn’t happy.

Team Reciprocity, Team Heretics

With the Call of Duty World League heading over to CWL London, the teams from Europe were the main focus of day 1. The CWL panel consisting of Katie Bedford, PacmanJT and Nameless spoke about Team Reciprocity, Denial Esports and Team Heretics. Team Reciprocity was originally from Canada, but the team mostly consists of players from England, and one player from Scotland, which would make sense that fans in London would be cheering Team Reciprocity. Team Heretics is from Spain, and have seen some tremendous results in their debut at the CWL Pro League.

Despite who is playing, the CWL London crowd is cheering their European nations, and hoping that one of these teams will be able to win the tournament on home ground.

100 Thieves Fan Gets Booed At CWL London Event.

A hilarious moment was caught on stream when the CWL panel took a break and let Jess Brohard go into the crowd to interview some fans. The first fan she interviewed was backing Team Reciprocity, and ironically the fan was none other than “Zed’s” brother who plays on the team. The crowd cheered and he told Jess that he’s hoping Team Rec does well in the tournament.

However, the next fan Jess went to was a 100 Thieves fan, and he didn’t get any love from the crowd. Watch the hilarious moment unfold.

As Jess asked the fan her first question, the crowd started booing. Jess Brohard then said,

“What do you think of this crowd reaction that’s happening behind you when you say you’re a 100 Thieves fan?”

That’s when the fan followed up saying “it’s expected”. 100 Thieves is a team based out of the US, and since the event in London, it’s likely that not many 100 Thieves fans made their way out there. As of this writing, 100 Thieves is playing Team Reciprocity and have won the first match.

Crowd Boos 100 Thieves Fan at Call of Duty Tournament

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