100 Thieves CWL London Champions – Win First COD Esports Title

100 Thieves CWL London Champions - Win First Esports Title
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100 Thieves are the CWL London champions. eUnited had a strong showing but weren’t able to keep up with 100 Thieves in the end. 100T stayed strong through the finals and won their first Call of Duty esports tournament. Here’s the CWL London Finals results and analysis.

CWL London Grand Finals

The opening matches of CWL London was fast-paced and filled with fierce gun battles. It was a precursor for what was in store for fans. The shocking story of this tournament was Luminosity Gaming’s horrendous start of the tournament and then bowing out on Day 2. The defending champions of CWL Fort Worth were not able to find their way on day 1, going 0-3. LG did find some life on Day 2, however, it wasn’t enough for them to advance. Another shocker was heavyweights Splyce getting eliminated on Day 2 as well. It was the exact same scenario in CWL Forth Worth where both OpTic Gaming and eUnited bowed out of Fort Worth after going #1 and #2 in Vegas.

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The Finals had 100 Thieves and eUnited fighting it out for the first time in a Grand Final. Before the Finals, 100 Thieves beat on Day 2 of the tournament, sweeping them 3-0 in the series. However, since that loss eUnited has stepped up their game and have been dominating all their matches all the way to the finals, beating out OpTic Gaming in the Losers Bracket Finals sweeping them 3-0.

100 Thieves VS eUnited Grand Finals CWL London Esports Call of Duty

Previous Appearances

eUnited’s best performance at a Major was back at CWL Vegas Open, finishing 2nd place. Before that, eUnited was consistently going well, finishing 4th place at. However, Spylce’s best performance was at the last Call of Duty World League major; CWL Vegas Open where they finished in 3rd place.

100 Thieves best performance at a Major was back at CWL Fort Worth, finishing in 4th place. Before that, 100 Thieves placed 10th at CWL Vegas. The team was formed in late 2018 and the CWL Pro League 2019 would be their inaugural season. 100 Thieves is one of the best teams

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eUnited and 100 Thieves met before CWL London at Vegas where eUnited beat them 3-1, and at CWL Fort worth in the losers bracket where 100 Thieves won 3-1. In the Pro League, the teams met once with eUnited coming up on top winning 3-2 in the series.

Astro Gaming Gaming Series Layout Grand Finals CWL London

Representing 100 Thieves:

  • Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat
  • Sam “Octane” Larew
  • Kenny “Kenny” Williams
  • Preston “Priestahh” Grenier
  • Ian “Enable” Wyatt

Representing eUnited:

  • James “Clayster” Eubanks
  • Sam “Simp” Lehr
  • Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson
  • Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson
  • Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris

The focus player on each team was Octane from 100 Thieves and Simp from eUnited. Both players have been having a stellar tournament and have been putting up highlight reels that have been impressing not only fans, but the entire CWL panel. Here’s are the stats for each player going into the finals.

SIMP 100 Thieves Stats Going into CWL London Finals


Octane 100 Thieves Stats Going into CWL London Finals


The two teams had a nice montage of their earlier games going into the finals. Both teams walked towards the stage to take their place.

100 Thieves Intro:

eUnited Intro:

First Match: Hacienda – Hardpoint

As the match was starting, the crowd was entirely behind eUnited, screaming out the teams name with every chant. 100 Thieves was not only playing against eUnited, but playing against eUnited 6th man.

As the match started eUnited all went mid with 100 Thieves going on each side, taking out eUnited and holding down the hardpoint first. As eUnited couldn’t hold down mid, they started rushing to Lambo while some of 100 Thieves players were leaving mid. 100 Thieves were able to take control of Lambo and continued their lead. It was a very fast start for 100 Thieves taking the lead, keeping eUnited on their heels. At this point eUnited was down 80 points.

The rotation switched to Fences where eUnited got to first, hoping to change the direction of the game. Although eUnited was able to pick up some points, 100 Thieves came in with ease and swept Fences up to continue their dominance in the map. Rotation switched to Fountains were 100T reached first. At this point, it was looking like eUnited had nothing to work on. They were losing all the gun battles.

eUnited started picking up the pace mid game, with Simp winning some crucial gun battles. However, 100T continued coming on strong, going up by double the points eUnited had. Rotation went to Fences and 100T continued dominating, using their specialties to solidify an eventual win. eUnited looked to be unorganized as a group, not rotating on time and being mismatched to each new location.

Towards the end of the match, Kenny picked up his game, taking out three of eUnited players at Lambo for a crucial hold. The rotation was at Fences, and 100 Thieves were able to close it out. Although the score was 250 – 176, the match seemed to be controlled entirely by 100 Thieves.

Second Match: Gridlock – Search and Destroy

After the first match loss, eUnited was looking to tie the series up and take 100 Thieves momentum away. CWL Caster Clint Evans said it was a do-or-die moment for eUnited as you don’t want to go down two games to 100 Thieves.

Round 1

eUnited planted the bomb immediately as the round started. Things started looking good as eUnited got the first kill, however, Kenny eliminated two of eUnited’s players and 100 Thieves stole the round.

Round 2

eUnited was on the offensive while 100T was planting the bomb. As soon as the two teams entered A side bomb, eUnited responded in incredible fashion taking out 100 Thieves quickly and winning the round.

Round 3

eUnited planted the bomb, and Clayster came in with a huge flank on 100 Thieves to win the round for eUnited.

Round 4

Simp gets first blood with his sniper rifle at B side, and that forced 100 Thieves to rotate to A side to plant the bomb. eUnited read the play and caught 100T off guard as they were planting, winning round 5.

Round 5

eUnited continued their dominance of Search and Destroy, winning Round 5 with ease while planting at A side.

Round 6

Both teams headed towards B side. Both teams exchanged kills leaving it 3v3. Simp was waiting in the back with his sniper and takes out three of 100 Thieves players for an incredible highlight reel.


Round 7

eUnited got the first blood from Clayster, but 100T got two quick kills back. It ended up coming down to a 2v1 situation and eUnited closed it out, trying out the series. (6-1 for EU).

Third Match: Gridlock – Control

100 Thieves best game mode is Control, and eUnited would need to carry their momentum from the last match win to compete with 100T on Gridlock.

Round 1

Starting off the round, both teams met at A side, exchanging kills. eUnited were looking more organized than 100 Thieves, however, the teams continued exchanging bodies. Prestinni takes out Priestahh on A side, while an intense gun battle was happening at B side. Both sides were even the entire round until eUnited won a few crucial gun fights to go ahead in the life count. However, 100 Thieves were too strong in the end and held down control (live count 10-7 for 100T).

Round 2

eUnited were looking to strike back on offense. EU desperately needed a massive round as they rushed A side to hold down control. As the A side was done, eUnited were switching over to B side, but 100 Thieves were all there holding EU back.

Octane ends up getting four players helping 100 Thieves get the round win going up 2-0 in Control.

Round 3

100 Thieves rushed A side and established control as eUnited was trying to figure out how to stop Octane’s momentum. It was clear that 100 Thieves was in control of the entire match, winning all rounds. They go up 2-1 in the series. eUnited had a decent chance to go up in round 1 and even round 2, however, they weren’t able to close it out and 100T closed out round 3 with ease.

Fourth Match: Gridlock – Hardpoint

eUnited would now enter Gridlock Hardpoint, having to do what very little teams have done against 100 Thieves; beat them on Hardpoint. Gridlock is 100 Thieves best map for Hardpoint.

At the start, 100 Thieves did just that, rushed mid and took control taking the lead. eUnited had to do something special now in order to stop 100 Thieves momentum. Kenny and Priestahh was just too strong the entire series, winning the necessary gun fights and continuing that on this map.

100 Thieves had the perfect setup on rotation and continued holding it down going up 60 points. At this point, 100 Thieves were in total control and eUnited were struggling to find their mojo. However, eUnited were finally coming together and were winning important gun fights to continue to stay alive. They started climbing back and cut the lead by 10 points.

The lead changed for eUnited with Prestinni and Priestahh exchanging missiles, both getting four kills a piece. It was a battle at mid map for both teams.

The momentum was building for eUnited and continued going on a killing streak. eUnited was holding their hardpoints down keeping the lead. Prestinni came out of his shell and started helping his team break the hardpoints and getting some pivotal kills. eUnited was leading at this point with 153 points o 100 Thieves 135.

100 Thieves took the lead change while eUnited was on respawn. The match was incredibly close at this point. What was looking like an easy win for 100 Thieves turned into a battle for the ages. eUnited took the lead for a moment until 100T took mid and took back their lead. The crowd continued chanting eUnited, however, 100 Thieves continued to take control. There was a short push from EU at the end, and were down 10. However, eUnited were spawning out and weren’t able to get back to the house for the rotation and win.

100 Thieves CWL London Champions

100 Thieves won a nail biter, and go on to win the organizations first Call of Duty World League tournament. It was an incredible performance for the newly created esports team. Throughout the tournament, 100T dominated every game except for their first meet with OpTic Gaming at CWL London. However, after losing to them at the start of the tournament, they’ve only grown stronger and ended up beating OpTic Gaming at the Winners Finals to move to the Finals. This time around, all of 100 Thieves players were good to play with no health concerns.

100 Thieves Full Speech

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