Will you die if you use Octane’s Stim on Low Health?

Will you die if you use Octane's Stim on Low Health Apex Legends Season 1
One of Octane’s special abilities is the stim. when you use it your life goes down. Will you die if you use Octane stim on Low Health? Find out below.
Apex Legends New Legend is Octane

Octane is one of the newest Legends on the block in the battle royale game. Many data miners were slowly uncovering the details related of Octane as they would get clues in the game code strings. As days would go by, data miners unearthed Octanes image, his abilities, and eventually his skins. These items leaked onto the web and everyone already had a good idea of what to expect from Octane (with a few exclusions).

Octane’s Stim

Now with the release of Octane, everyone is getting their hands on the new character by unlocking him with Apex Tokens that they’ve accumulated in-game, or through the purchase of Apex coins. One thing for sure is that he’s definitely different from the rest of the Legends which is good for game dynamics. As the new kid on the block, everyone is talking about him and sharing their thoughts on places like YouTube and Reddit.

One common view is that he’s incredibly fun to use, and his stim ability is awesome. But the way the stim ability works is that it increases the speed movement for Octane, however, it also utilizes Octane’s life. So you’re trading speed for life essentially.

Will you die if you use Octane’s Stim on Low Health?

If you continuously use Octane’s stim, your life will go down. What happens when your life goes all the way down? Well, one Reddit user tried this theory to see what would happen to him if he continued to use the stim. Here’s the result (*please note to need to be logged into Reddit to see the video*).

You won’t die if you use your stimpack on low health from r/apexlegends

As you can see in the video, the user continued using the stim, even when he had virtually no health left. So, once could use the stim pack continuously, however, all it would take is one bullet to knock Octane down. Respawn was smart by adding this trade off, otherwise, we’d see Octane characters running all over the map and essentially getting by freely.

You won't die if you use your stimpack on low health

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