Will A Rocket Launcher Be Added To Apex Legends? Concept Art Shows Hint?

Does Apex Legends Have Rocket Launcher

New leaks have surfaced which include the possibility of a rocket launcher being introduced to Apex Legends. 

As Apex Legends players wait on news regarding the Season 1 battle pass, new leaks show a rocket launcher can be its newest weapon added to the game. Concept art also shows Pathfinder holding what looks to be a rocket launcher. Can this be the rocket launcher that will be used for Apex Legends?

Since it’s release, Respawn Entertainment has only added one new gun, the Havoc. This came a little over two weeks after launch. On March 7, a first weapon update was released balancing the Wingman and Peacekeeper. If Respawn continues with their pattern, a new weapon or update should be arriving within 2 weeks.

New leaks show a rocket launched found in the Apex Legends game files. @ApexLeaksNews showed their finding via tweet:

A closer look at the file clearly shows rocket launcher in it:

Rocket Launcher in game files

Concept Art
Pathfinder Concept Art
Source: EA

There is a ton of Titanfall concept art that has been used for Apex Legends and a pathfinder image can be seen with a rocket launcher being held over his shoulders. There is no actual proof that the file leak or image actually mean a rocket launcher will be added to Apex Legends. However, the game does lack any type of high explosive weaponry. Almost every type of warfare game includes some type of rocket or grenade style launcher. This should only make sense to have a rocket launcher added to Apex Legends. New weapons are vital for the longevity of a franchise and Apex Legends is off to a great start.

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