The Wild Frontier Level 110 Badge in Season 1 is Animated

Wild Frontier Level 110 Badge in Season 1 is Animated

With the release of Season 1 yesterday, Apex Legends fans were writing down all the changes and additions that have been implemented. One noticeable difference is the awesome animated badge. See it for yourself below.

Wild Frontier Season 1

There have been mixed emotions about the release of Apex Legends first Season and Battle Pass. Many were anticipating the Apex Legends Solo and Duo game modes, which weren’t added to the game. Additionally, many were hoping for awesome challenges; similar to what Fortnite has to offer such as their Pirate Locations Challenge from Season 8. However, there were no challenges offered by Respawn Entertainment like we see with Fortnite.

But, with some disappointments comes new interesting additions that even things out, and keeps the game leveled. For example, Respawn Entertainment added a new character to the game called “Octane”. He has new special abilities that are unlike what the other Legends have. This changes the dynamics of the game and adds a little spice to the line-up.

Apex Legends Level 110 Badge

Another interesting addition to Apex Legends Season 1 update is the animated badges that you get after level 110. If you’re unsure what happens after level 100 in Apex Legends, all that changes is the level count. It continues to go up.

However, nothing else came with it. This time, Respawn wanted to make sure that you’d get something noticeably once you accomplish the hefty task of reaching level 100.

As you can see, the Skull Badge enlarges and moves it’s mouth in a biting motion. It’s a cute addition, and let’s players know they will be separated from the rest of the players who are under this level. Not a major reward to some, but nevertheless it’s still a nice addition to have in the game that is starving for change.

Apex Legends Level 110 Badge

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