Why You Need To Equip The R-301 Gun In Apex Legends

  • In this article we’re going to look at why you need to equip the R-301 gun in apex legends and why it should be part of your gun selection.
High Auto Accuracy

Apex Legends R-301 Legendary Gold Gun Assault Rifle Light Ammo

The R-301 is the assault rifle version of the R-99 which is an SMG. For obvious reasons, the R-99 is ideal is close quarter combat, and the R-301 is ideal for longer ranges. But the question is, should you equip the R-301 as a secondary or primary gun?

The answer is yes.

Should it replace a Hemlock Burst or a Spitfire for example? No, but it is definitely is a solid secondary gun to have if you want to switch quickly to finish off an enemy.

There are a few reasons for that. First, it is an automatic rifle, not a burst, with high accuracy and speed, so it can deal quick damage at a high rate of fire. Secondly, the R-301 only gets better as the gun gets upgraded with higher tier attachments. Unlike the spitfire which is immediately lethal when you pick it up and doesn’t really change much with higher tier attachments, the R-301 has a noticeable difference with higher tier attachments.

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Scope Of Choice

Apex Legends R-301 Assault Rifle Legendary Gold Gun

The scope of choice is really dependant on your style. Because the R-301 is an assault rifle, you can use a close-range scope, mid-range scope or even a long-range scope and all 3 will be effective for this gun. If you’re not someone who uses a sniper often, then stick to the mid-range to close range scopes. The 1x Holo scope is your best bet for close to mid-range as it gives a clear view with a red dot.

If you find yourself lucky enough to find the gold variation of this gun, in other words, the legendary gold gun, you’ll truly appreciate the speed and power.

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