What is the Worst Landing Spot in Apex Legends?

The Worst Landing Spot in Apex Legends
Image source: EA

If you’re new to Apex Legends and you want to know where not to land, it’s very simple. Avoid the worst landing spot in Apex Legends. Read below for more details.

Landing Spots in Apex Legends

Every Battle Royale game has it’s good spots and it’s bad spots. Each Battle Royale game starts with the player dropping from the sky. Either from a deployment ship, Battle Bus, or by any other means. You pick a spot on the map, and drop there. Once you drop, you need to pick up weapons and start fending off enemies that come your way. However, the question is, where to drop? Well, fortunately Game Life has already wrote up an great Apex Legends Best Drop Locations Update post that you can read to familiarize yourself with the best locations to drop to. Game Life has made other guides such as the All Apex Legends Nessie Toy Locations and Best Loot Spots. If you haven’t checked them out it’s highly recommended.

Although the topic of landing spots is highly subjective, many gamers say that skill level has a lot to do with how one chooses their drop locations in the game. However, regardless of your skill level, if you drop in this location you are setting yourself up for an up hill battle. So where is this location on the map?

What is the Worst Landing Spot in Apex Legends?

Avoid this spot by all means. If you’re still wondering what’s the spot, it’s the giant X on the map below, also known as “BRIDGE“.

Worst Landing Spot in Apex Legends Avoid At All Costs Bad
Image source: EA

There are many reasons that this spot is the worst landing spot in Apex Legends. But the main reason is that it’s at the center of the map. It’s the one place where all 60 players will look first and consider. The deployment ship goes over it one way or another, in every match. Unlike the outer limits of the map where, depending on the which direction the deployment ship goes, might be out of reach. The center is always in reach.

Bad Landing Spot in Apex Legends to Avoid
Image source: EA

As you can see, it’s a very attractive spot to land. It’s right in your face, doesn’t require you to glide long distances and maneuver around cliffs, and there are buildings there which one assumes will find good loot. However, you might find good loot 1 out of every 10 matches. And if you do happen to find anything decent in this area, only one player in your squad might have access to these good items.

But what defines “decent items”. Firstly, armor that is not level 1, and weapons that inflict high damage. But generally, the Bridge is considered low tier loot.

Only 6 buildings to Loot From
Apex Legends Bridge Location Low Tier Loot Bad Spot
Image source: EA

There are only six buildings. That’s it. If you can’t find anything in those six buildings, you have a few supply bins laying around and the chances of you getting good loot are low. Mostly these bins are filled with level 1 armor and ammunition. Remember also, you are in a squad of three. So you need to split whatever good items you “might” find here which is rarely the case. Unless you’re in a party with your friends and have some type of agreement on who gets what, it’s rare that items will be split evenly. It’s everyone man for them selves, even in your own squad. Keeping in mind that you’re the only squad of 20 that land there first and tackle the area. If it was tough to split items amongst your squad, imagine if you have to fight other squads off to even get to those low level items?

Once you loot the area and find nothing that will help you against other well established squads, you have the misery of traveling a long distance before you reach another location that might have good items. But in general, by the time you reach these new areas they have been looted already, by teams who avoided the “BRIDGE“.

Don’t Let Temptation Get in the Way
Apex Legends Gods Temptation Bridge High Tier Loot Bean Avoid
Image source: EA

Yes, the Apex Legends Gods do tempt you once in a while. The High Tier Loot Beam will eventually make it’s way to the BRIDGE. Do not fall for this! It will only increase the amount of squads who want to also loot this area. Not only will you have to rush to each building to find the high loot, but if you have less experienced players on your team, there’s a chance they get to if first. And given the fact that this high tier loot beam will attract other squads, your setting yourself up for disaster. No matter your skill level, when you’re up against more than one squad, it will be havoc.

Apex Legends Squad Drop Bridge Competition High Tier Loot
Image source: EA

Taking a look at the image above, you can see that many squads had the same idea you had. This is why the BRIDGE is the worst landing spot in Apex Legends.

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