What is the Rarest Item in Apex Legends?

What is the Rarest Item in Apex Legends
Image source: EA / Deji 2nd YouTube

One of the most asked question is what is the rarest item in Apex Legends? Although highly subjective, many gamers have concluded that Wraith has one of the rarest items in Apex Legends. Which one is it?

YouTuber Deji 2nd Unlocks Rarest item in Apex Legends

YouTube star Deji 2nd is a new favorite in the Apex Legends community. With his fun and happy personality, it’s hard not to tune in to his channel and watch him play. During on of his recent videos. Deji 2nd was unpacking Apex Packs, which can be earned or purchased in the Apex Legends store. Earning them in-game comes from every new player level achieved. Each Apex Pack contains common, Rare, epic or Legendary items.

The probability of getting a Rare of better item is 100%. Epic items are 24.8% and getting a Legendary item is 7.4%.The only thing about  Apex Legends Packs is that the item that you receive will not give any in-game advantage other than just giving cosmetic appeal, which Deji 2nd will soon find out.

Apex Legends Unpacking

Deji 2nd unpacked 3 of Wraiths Heirloom’s items, which are considered the rarest items to unpack in Apex Legends. What he unpacked was:

  • Wraith HEIRLOOM Banner Pose
  • Apex Legends Wraith HEIRLOOM Melee Weapon Skin
  • Wraith HEIRLOOM Intro Quip

Again, these are just for cosmetic purposes, and don’t add any additional advantage in-game. Deji 2nd was exuberant, realizing that he has just unearthed three HEIRLOOM’s from his Apex Legends unpacking.

Wraith HEIRLOOM Deji 2nd thought he would get an advantage and quickly learned that the addition of the Heirloom skins don’t make a difference towards the end of the video.

What is the Rarest Item in Apex Legends Knife Melee Weapon Skin
Image source: Deji 2nd YouTube
How does the Heirloom set work?

Take from EA’s website:

Apex Legends currently has one bonus Heirloom Set available, which contains three items for Wraith. When a player opens an Apex Pack, there is a <1% probability of an Heirloom Set dropping. Heirloom Set drops do not deduct an Apex Pack from your inventory. Heirloom Sets cannot be crafted with Crafting Metals. A player cannot open more than 500 Apex Packs without receiving an Heirloom set (assuming the player does not own all of the available Heirloom Sets). Once a player owns all of the Heirloom Sets, the player will not be eligible for this bonus until more Heirloom Sets are added to the game.

Apex Legends Wraith Heirloom Unpacking Banner Pose Melee Weapon Skin Intro Quip
Image source: Deji 2nd YouTube

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