What is the Best Way to Use the Octane Launch Pad?

What is the Best Way to Use the Octane Launch Pad Jump Apex Legends

Apex Legends came out with a new character. Octavio Silva, aka “Octane”. A truly unique character with many special abilities. One of the abilities being the Launch Pad. So, how does one go about using it properly?

What is the Best Way to Use the Octane Launch Pad?

Octane has come with the new Wild Frontier Season 1 update for Apex Legends. He’s the newly anticipated Legend to join the battle royale scene. Additionally, more than his looks, many players were wondering what his abilities would be. Octane has three abilities:

  • Tactical Ability: Stim – It allows Octane to move 30% faster for 6 seconds, however, he loses life every time he uses the stim.
  • Passive Ability: Swift Mend – on top of losing health when Octane uses the stim, the Swift Mend will restore the health has he moves around.
  • Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad – self-explanatory, the Launch pad is used to propel Octane and teammates in the air.

Given the list of abilities, the Launch Pad can be incredibly useful in certain situations if used properly. Question is, What is the Best Way to Use the Octane Launch Pad?

Octane Launch Pad Best Use

User Reddit, Decoraan, provided an extremely useful way of using Octane’s Launch Pad. The best case to use the launch pad would be to save your teammate who’s been knocked down. In this example, we can see the teammate is crawling towards the building. That’s when Octane throws down his Launch pad to propel the downed player onto the roof of the building. Once the player reached the top, Octane went in for the revive.

There’s many useful ways to use Octane’s Launch pad, but perhaps there’s no better way than to help a downed teammate get away from enemy fire.

How to use Octane Launch Pad Best Ways in Apex Legends

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