What is Apex Legends Preseason? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

What is Apex Legends Preseason Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Season 2 has rolled out with a brand new map, new Legend, new powerful weapon and a variety of new items. Now, Respawn is rolling out the Preseason. But what is the Apex Legends Preseason? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Apex Legends Preseason?

Respawn Entertainment has introduced something special in Apex Legends. Now, players all over the world will compete in online competitions to determine who’s the best player in the world. This will all happen through something called “Apex Legends Preseason Competitions”. Essentially, the Apex Legends Preseason will consist of many competitions at various events such as:

These events are all part of the “Preseason Calendar” for Apex Legends competitive gaming, not to get mixed up with the final event of the calendar which is the “Preseason Invitational”. Here’s the Apex Legends Esports calendar:

Apex Legends Esports Caldenar Competitive Tournaments
Source: EA

How To Compete In Apex Legends Preseason?

Since the invitation is closed for the EXP Invitational at the X-Games in Minneapolis, players can still compete in the final Preseason calendar event which is in Poland. To compete in the last Apex esports event, you need to email ApexLegendsPreseason@ea.com and provide your Origin ID and associated email address.

There is a total of 80 teams that will be able to compete in the last Preseason Apex Legends event.

NRG Esports Dizzy King Richard Apex Legends Preseason Poland
Source: Aceu Twitter
What is the Prize for the Preseason Invitational?

The prize pool is $500,000 which will be split up depending on where Apex teams finish. Here is the prizing for placement:

  • 1ST $105,000
  • 2ND $75,000
  • 3RD $60,000
  • 4TH $48,000
  • 5TH $39,000
  • 6TH $30,000
  • 7TH $24,000
  • 8TH $18,000
  • 9TH $15,000
  • 10TH $12,000
  • 11TH $9,000
  • 12TH $8,400
  • 13TH $7,800
  • 14TH $7,200
  • 15TH $6,600
  • 16TH $6,000
  • 17TH $5,700
  • 18TH $5,400
  • 19TH $5,100
  • 20TH $4,800
  • APEX PREDATOR*** $8,000

The event is sponsored by ESPN.

What are the Rules for the Preseason Invitational?

Like most battle royale games, the player with the most eliminations across 12 matches will get 1st place. If there are multiple players that are tied for first, it will go down to the most kills over the course of the entire event. If things are tied, they will share $3000 equally. The same applies to the Finals, and if it’s tied in the end, players will share the $8,000. For more rules please read the official announcement here. To register for the tournament click here.

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