What Happened At Kings Canyon? Attack On The Apex Legends Arena

What Happened At Kings Canyon Attack On The Apex Legends Arena
Source: Respawn

Season 2 has rolled out, and although players were excited to see all the new content and features, they were equally curious what happened at Kings Canyon. Here’s the complete story.

Attack on Kings Canyon

In Season 1 of Apex Legends, players were roaming the map freely with no worry in the world, other than fighting other enemy groups. Sure, that can be a big problem to have, but factor in now monsters in the map will make things a little more difficult.

In the beginning, players saw two Leviathan Creatures in the waters, looking down at them. They stood in the waters ever-so-calmy, and players would try to shoot at them and see if they would budge. But it did nothing. However, Respawn Entertainment, creators of Apex Legends revealed that players would see a new map. They also teased a giant creature at the end of the segment, leaving players baffled at what they might encounter in Season 2.

Lo and behold, when Season 2 was released, players saw a completely different map, with creatures flying in the sky, and the two large Levithan monsters completely located dead center of the map. The map was changed, and players were wondering what happened. In the trailer, we saw a giant satellite collapse on Kings Canyon. Was this the reason players are now seeing monsters in Apex Legends? Let’s find out.

What Happened At Kings Canyon?

The Outlands Journal has investigated the cause of the attack on Kings Canyon. The Repulsor Twoer; which was put in place to protect the arena from monsters and flying creatures, collapsed. It’s force field was pushing all the creatures away from Kings Canyon, and in Season 2, there is no more Repulsor. Now, flying dragons and giant Leviathan Creatures roam the Apex Legends map. The cause and effect of the collapsed tower can be seen here:

However, despite the Apex Legends map completely changed due to the Repulsor Tower, the reporters at The Outlands Journal believe there is more than meets the eye. They’ve stated that there has been a “mysterious figure” that appeared during the early moments of the twoers destruction. This could only mean one thing to Apex Legends fans; a new Apex Legends character will be making it’s way to the battle royale arena.

During the collapse, the two large Leviathan’s made their way onto King’s Canyon, completely changing the landscape of the map. New areas were made, old areas looked completely changed. Dragon flyers made their way early on into the map, picking up deathboxes wherever they see one. The dynamics of the game has changed completely, but who is responsible for this? Who could cause such an event?

Read more from The Outlands Journal here.

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