Understanding Apex Legends Network Problems

Why does Apex Legends have network problems
Source: EA

With Apex Legends numbers rising, players are facing problems with the netcode, here is a deeper look at the Apex Legends Network problems.

Apex Legends, the popular title from Respawn Entertainment, is booming at the perfect time. As its fan base climbs by the second, connection issues seem to be impacting a majority of its players. Although the game is extremely new, network problems are becoming increasingly prominent. Here is an explanation on how to understand netcode problems.

Server Locations
Apex Legends Server locations
src: Youtube Battle(non)sense

Respawn Entertainment created Apex Legends, however they are using the EA servers. The server locations are numerous, and they are accessible from inside the game. In order to access server locations, players need to launch the game, wait on the continue screen for 60 seconds and press Esc button to cancel it from the pop-up dialogue. The Server Locations will appear below displayed as Data Centers. When a player clicks on it, a list of all servers, tour ping, and the packet loss will be displayed. At this point, looking at the numbers, server balancing looks even.

Server Send Rate & Client Send Rate

Server Send Rate and Client Send Rate are very important for every FPS game. If these values are inconsistent it creates certain problems for players. For example shots not being registered in-game. Youtube channel Battle(non)sense made a very interesting graphic on the matter.

Server Side Client Side Apex Legends
src: Youtube Battle(non)sense

As you can see the Client Send rate is very consistent. However, the Send Rate is extremely inconsistent and seems like it gets worse as the match progresses. This can create many problems with the game in the future.

Bandwidth Usage

Bandwidth Usage is all about how much information (packets) coming inbound, to your network, from the Apex Legends servers. Apex Legends is failing this test according to Battle(non)sense.

Bandwidth Usage Apex Legends
src: Youtube Battle(non)sense

As you can see that Apex Legends uses heavy UL (upload) as well as DL (download) speed. This is the main culprit for packet loss and lag for players. It’s very clear that, Apex Legends system requirements are very average but it’s internet requirements are above average.

Network Lag

Network Lag graphics are based on the delay between two players. This graph shows how fast a gunshot from one player registers. Perhaps the biggest issue of all netcode lies here. The network delay is off the charts

Network Lag Apex Legends
src: Youtube Battle(non)sense

As the chart clearly displays, there is nearly double of a delay compared to what Fortnite. This can cause major problems in future if the numbers don’t improve. An online Apex Legends Esports  Arena will not be available with these numbers. The network delay is extremely high compared to other major titles.

Let’s hope with future updates, Respawn will be able to improve on these issues. Apex Legends Netcode problems are very visible even affecting the average player.

Here is the video explaining Netcode problems:

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