Top 2 Players in Apex Legends Were Caught Cheating. Community Is Outraged.

  • Two Apex Legends Predator Ranked players who are in the top 10 worldwide were caught teaming up with each other in-game, and it has been exposed on the Reddit community.

Apex Legends Season 5 is here and there are many changes in the game including a new legend named Loba. Many top streamers were saying they’d be coming back to Apex Legends, and eve Shroud announced that he is hyped for the new Season. After a series of problematic seasons, Respawn was able to solve most of the problems with Season 3. That season changed a lot of things for the Apex Legends players and cheating was mostly solved as well. However, just like every other game, there is a huge problem when competitive modes are active. Competitive modes push players to climb ranks and since most of the Ranked players are hardcore players, the games are much more aggressive and filled with ambitious players. The same applies to Apex Legends as players are trying to achieve the rank of Predator. However, the chances are very low to get there and stay there.

Xynoa and Skittles Caught Cheating

But apparently, for some players, this is not an issue. According to creditor u/kaleinrm, two top 10 players in the world in Apex Legends caught teaming up with other players in their matches. This is a very big problem in online gaming. Teaming up with other players is against the rules that Apex Legends set. According to videos that are posted into Apex subreddit we can see Xynoa and Skittles teaming up with another squad in order to get a good result from their matches. Keep in mind they are both in the top 10 players for Apex Legends. The community responded very harshly to this kind of cheating. The players know that it is very hard to achieve Predator rank and it probably changed the results of hundreds of matches.

The #1 and #2 Apex predators Xynoa and Skittles caught 6 man teaming on EU servers from r/apexlegends

The top comment in the Reddit post was by Reddit user u/SlapMyCHOP who said:

“Such pieces of sh**. I also know they keep each others’ streams open so they can watch where each other are and get twice as much visual information as anyone else. They are terrible sports.”

Teaming up is a real issue in online competitive matches as recently FaZe player Dubs was accused of teaming up with Waffles during a Solo Cash Cup. This fired a huge backlash from a number of pro players. Apex Legends needs to come forward and check the higher rankings for potential cheats and much more. We are definitely sure that this is not happening with one team only and as ranks are higher it happens more and more. Players are putting hundreds of hours into a game that they want to improve and then stuff like this happens and it kills their motivation to play anymore. Respawn needs to act now.

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