Apex Legends Titans – Confirmed Through In-Game Audio?

Apex Legends Titans - Confirmed Through In-Game Audio

According to Gaming Intel, a leak in Apex Legends Audio confirms the introduction of Titans in the successful Battle Royale game.

Apex Legends Titans

Apex Legends continues to grow substantially, just reaching a 50 million player count last week. The game continues to smash records and shows no signs of slowing down. With the delay of the Battle Pass Season 1, leaks and rumors have been spreading around like wild fire. Well, Gaming Intel just released something quite interesting in a video they put out today.

In the video we can see the three players inside one of the buildings running around, with Pathfinder pinging around.

We can hear Pathfinder say “Stalker, Danger close” as well “TITAN“. And “Reaper“. Pathfinder also said “Infected coming in” which is interesting. Does this mean that there will be a Zombie mode of some sort? Or perhaps a zombie-like enemy? Many theories can come from this but we’ll need to have more info through future leaks. Another command from Pathfinder is “Spectre on me“.  Pathfinder says this while he is deploying from his ship.

The text on screen showed that the actual commands are not fully integrated in the game play as they read:



Instead of being in normal text under a players command, the on screen commands look like code and not integrated in-game.


Pathfinder doesn’t have these commands in his speech currently, as we clearly hear him calling out new character names as well as pinging a “Titan”. However, is this confirmation of Respawn Entertainment looking to make these additions? There’s many questions that are still on the table.

Will this cause some disappointment with current players? Players are use to playing the Battle Royale game without any vechicles, or shall we say, Titans. If Titans are actually introduced, will the game dynamics change severely?

Titan Coming to Apex Legends Release Type
Image source: EA

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