What is Summit1g Apex Legends Settings for PC?

What is Summit1g Apex Legends Settings for PC
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Popular Twitch streamer Summit1g now plays Apex Legends along side Sea of Thieves. During one of his streams, he shared with his viewers what his settings are. Here’s Summit1g Apex Legends Settings.

Summit1g Apex Legends Settings for PC

Jaryd Russell Lazar who goes by his Stream name Summit1g, is a popular Twitch Streamer and YouTube Content creator. Summit1g has buolt up quite the follower base, having more than 3.6 million followers. It’s largely due to his expert level pc gaming, and the fact that he’s a retired pro who knows a thing or two about FPS games. Summit1g was streaming CS:GO a lot, where he got a lot of his followers from. Since starting back in 2012, Summit1g is continuing strong, and with the new release of Apex Legends, more and more Twitch users will notice his gameplay.

Jaryd Russell Lazar also participated in the first ever Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge where he placed 6th place playing side by Josh and Buhbye. He accumulated 9 wins, 278 kills and 323 points with his team to for a $4500 prize. During his stream, Summit1g was getting a lot of questions about what his keybinds and sensitivity’s at.


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Here’s Summit1g Apex Legends Settings.

Summit1g Apex Legends Video  PC Settings

Jaryd Russell Lazar showed his PC settings for Apex Legends during one of his streams. The video starts of with Summit1g in the Video settings, showing that his Display Mode is set to Borderless Window, with an aspect Ratio of 16:9 (native) and Resolution being 1920 x 1080 (native). Here’s how he has everything else to.

Summit1g Apex Legends Effects Settings for PC


Field of View: 104

Color Blind Mode: Off

Adaptive Resolution FPS Target: 0

Anti-Aliasing: None

Texture Streaming BudgetHigh (4GB VRAM)

Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 16x

Ambient Occlusion Quality: High

Sun Shadow Coverage: High

Sun Shadow Detail: High

Spot Shadow Detail: High

V-sync = Disabled

Adaptive Resolution FPS Target = 0

Volumetric Lighting: Enabled

Dynamic Spot Shadows: Enabled

Model Detail: High

Effects Detail: High

Impact Marks: High

Ragdolls: High

Summit1g Apex Legends Effects Settings for PC

Summit1g Apex Legends Controller Setting

Stick Layout: Default

Aim Button: Toggle

Inverted Look: Off

Vibration: On

Summit1g Apex Legends Mouse Settings for PC
Summit1g Apex Legends Mouse Setting

Here’s Summit1g mouse settings, which is sought after by many gamers who tuned in to the Apex Legends event.

Mouse Sensitivity:5.0

ADS Mouse Sensitivity Multiplayer: 1.0

Mouse Acceleration: Off

Mouse Invert: Off

Summit1g Apex Legends Controller Settings for PC

Summit1g Apex Legends Movement Setting

Summit1g also showed us his movement settings in Apex Legends which is as follows.

Move Forward: W

Key Move Back: S

Move Left: A

Key Move Right: D

Sprint: LShift


Crouch (Toggle): C

Crouch (Hold): LCTRL

Summit1g Apex Legends Keyboard Settings for PC

Tactical Ability = Q

Ultimate Ability = Shift mouse

Interact / Pickup = E

Alternate Interact = X

Inventory (Toggle) = TAB or I

Map (Toggle) = M

Attack = Left mouse click

Toggle Fire Mode = B

Aim Down Sight (Toggle) = Right mouse click

Aim Down Sight (Hold) = None

Melee = V

Reload = R

Cycle Weapon = Mouse scroll

Equip Weapon 1 = 1

Equip Weapon 2 = 2

Holster Weapons = 3

Equip Grenade = Mouse shift

Use Selected Health Item = Mouse shift

Gibraltar Shield Toggle = H

Inspect Weapon = N


Ping = Scroll Mouse

Ping (Enemy Here)  = F

Ping (Going here) = None

Ping (Looting Here) = None

Ping (Defending Here) = None

Ping (Watching Here) = None

Ping (Someone’s Been Here) = Ping

Push to Talk (Hold) = T

Message Team = ENTER


Screenshot = None


Summit1g Apex Legends Gameplay

Interact Prompt Style = Default

Button Hints = On

Crosshair Damage Feedback = X w/ Shield Icon

Damage Numbers = Stacking

Ping Opacity = Default

Obituaries = On

Incoming Damage Feedback = 30

Streamer Mode = Off

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Usage Sharing = Enabled


Enabled Accessible Chat Features = Off

Convert Incoming Voice to Chat Text = Off

Play Incoming Text Chat as Speech = Off

Here’s a Video clip showing how Summit1g played using these settings

Summit1g Apex Legends Settings PC

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