Are StrikePack Mods Cheating Apex Legends Core Elements?

Strikepack Mods Cheating Apex Legends
  • Anti Recoil and Aim Assist are among the most popular StrikePack mods being used in Apex Legends, helping players of all skill levels improve their gaming experience.

With its immediate rise to success, Apex Legends is seeing an abundance of players looking for ways to improve their skills. The ongoing debate with any FPS is the use of mods to gain an advantage. What if mods are available for a controller to improve aim and fire rate? Although the Strike Pack itself, is an affordable controller solution for players who enjoy paddle play, added 3rd party mods is what separates the StrikePack from any other controller on the market.

StrikePack mods are available for some of the most popular titles on the planet. From Fortnite to CoD, players have mods at their disposal to gain a controller advantage. Apex Legends is no different as game packs are available when you purchase the controller and players are flocking to use them because it helps improve their gaming experience and skyrockets their skills.

What is StrikePack

The StrikePack, from Collective Minds, is a controller adapter that includes 2 paddles. It’s an affordable paddle solution that connects to any Dualshock XB1 or PS4 controller.

Instead of purchasing a fully supported, expensive, game paddle controller like a Scuff, the StrikePack is solely a paddle add on that offers button mappings and pinpoint accuracy shooter mods to any stock console controller.

The most interesting part of the StrikePack is it’s dual-mode. First, a tournament mode, which allows re-mapping of any buttons. The other selection is mod mode, where players can download game packs to increase efficiency for a specific game. This can include mods like auto aim, rapid-fire, anti-recoil, and the list goes on.

Who can benefit from the StrikePack?

Any player looking for a controller paddle solution with a spice of added mods will dramatically improve at any FPS game they support. Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Battlefield and Fortnite are some of the most popular titles to help players improve.

Just like any paddle controller button mappings are available and easy to configure but its the added mods that separate the StrikePack from any other controller on the market.

Some of the mods include Optimized Rapid Fire, Fully Adjustable Rapid Fire, Adjustable Burst Fire, Pulse Fire, Adjustable Anti-recoil, Adjustable Quickscope, AutoRun, Drop Shot, Reload & Slide, Easy Double Jump, Adjustable Button Turbo 2.0, Auto Hold Breath, Battlefield™ Auto spot, Rumble Control, Hair Triggers and Motion Control Reload.

Simple to install StrikePack controller module.
Picking the right StrikePack model to buy.

The StrikePack controller adapter is compatible for both XB1 and PS4 Dualshock controller (excluding the Xbox Elite). The adapter will also work for players who use controllers to play on PC, like Fortnite, Apex Legends, COD.

There are two types of StrikePack models to choose from. Both products are identical in features and specs, although one includes the ModPass subscription and all its goodies.

StrikePack F.P.S. Royal Edition with ModPass, includes a 1 Year Subscription to ModPass. ModPass is what you need if you are looking to utilize controller mods for your favorites titles. The best games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and COD all include dozens of mods to improve a player’s skill. The ModPass also goes beyond shooters with mods for Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Fifa 19, and many more.

If you are looking to purchase a StrikePack, there is no doubt you need to buy the StrikePack (Royale Edition) w/ ModPass.

Is the Strikepack considered cheating?

The Strikepack is an excellent paddle solution. Although it does contain multiple built-in mod modes like Rapid Fire, AutoRun and Quick aim, its the 3rd party game modes that some players insist cross the line. Gamepacks can be downloaded and flashed to the controller to enhance and offer more mods for some of the best games on the market.

Although many gamers who don’t own a StrikePack consider the adapter cheating, game developers have no problems with players using them to gain an advantage because the mods are controller base and are not hacking or touching any game files.

The talk of “cheating” comes from gaming communities who vow against any use of mods because it helps a player gain an advantage.

How StrikePack helps with Apex Legends game fundamentals
Apex Legends Epic Gold Barrel Stabilizer

Using gamepacks and mods with any game will help you gain an advantage, and with Apex Legends it helps defeat the purpose of looting. The StrikePack anti-recoil mod is bar far the biggest game-changer. All Apex Legends players will agree the most important aspect of the game is improving one’s loot.

The game is built off of rarity ratings. Nothing is more important than weapon attachments. The drop-off from attachment rarity is crucial with Apex Legends. Barrel stabilizers are by far the most important attachment in Apex Legends. It’s not even fair to compare an Epic barrel Stabilized weapon versus a non-attachment version of the weapon. If players did not have to loot to find attachments Apex Legends game fundamentals would be very different.

Having a mod that immediately reduces weapon recoil defeats the whole purpose of a looting system. The same holds true for CoD Blackout, where looting for better attachments is key to success. Although additional StrikePack mods are popular with the Call of Duty franchise, players can pre-save their loadouts before a game. It’s different with Apex Legends when one must seek and find attachments in-game to improve loadouts.

Rise in Popularity

Currently, some of the most popular Apex Legends videos and tutorials searched, are for StrikePack mods. One can judge for themselves.

Because Apex Legends is Battle Royale based, the urge to win is greater than any other type of game mode. One can be an average player and still end up on a winning team in other game modes. But when it comes to Battle Royale, no win is ever guaranteed. Players are looking for any edge they can get to improve and the use of publicly available mods are definitely rising.

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