SoaR Gaming Sets New World Record in Apex Legends. Gets Mixed Reactions

SoaR Gaming Sets New World Record in Apex Legends. Gets Mixed Reactions
Source: SoaR YT

Esports organization SoaR Gaming just set a new world record for squad kills in a single Apex Legends game. However, it seems that they’ve received mix reactions from the community. Let’s take a closer look.

SoaR Gaming

Created in 2011, SoaR Gaming started out as a Call of Duty sniping team and is one of the largest gaming organizations in the Call of Duty sniping community.  The esports organization amassed its huge following on Youtube, and currently millions of followers across their social media channels. On top of SoaR having numerous content creators across multiple platforms, they are also present in games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Destiny and Counter-Strike.

The brand has continued to grow year by year and has many brand deals, as well as their own apparel. They recently partnered with Eleven Gaming to expand their presence in the esports world.

SoaR Gaming Sets New World Record in Apex Legends

Apart from producing insane tricks shots in Call of Duty, SoaR also sets out to make a statement in popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. In a recent run, the Apex Legends division set forth to establish a new record, and they’ve done so in squad kills. SoaR Gaming has now set the record to 50 kills combined in an Apex Legends match. Here is the video in its glory:

It’s an impressive record since the SoaR team had to take out roughly 83.3333% of the entire room in one single match. What’s more impressive is that many of the battles were 1v2’s, having the team spread out in the map.

The video of the record was uploaded to Youtube, and as of this writing, there are 232,557 views with 4.2k likes and 1.1k dislikes. It seems that the YouTube community gave a mixed reaction. One would think that a record like this would be entirely met with praise and acknowledgments. However, some users were quick to leave a negative comment. One user by the name of Whovian Gamer wrote, “It seems like you paid the server to stand still for you.” He was suggesting that SoaR got people to give free kills to them, something that Tfue was accused of in Fortnite. Another user wrote:

“bro I swear to god the people you were fighting were all playing with their eyes closed”

Not only did this comment get a lot of likes, but the criticism also continued down the comment page. In reality, there will always be two sides; the supporters and the naysayers, and although the comment section was plagued with negative comments the video’s likes still dominate the dislikes.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, it doesn’t matter what the skill level was for that particular room, or how “easy” some of the kills might have come. A record was still made, and no other esports team was able to reach the 50 kill mark as a squad. If this is such an easy task to do, then perhaps those who left negative comments should attempt to break the record. However, it’s highly unlikely that the record will be broken any time soon.

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