Is The Smart Pistol Coming to Apex Legends?

Is The Smart Pistol Coming to Apex Legends
  • Titanfall players know about the smart pistol. But is it coming Apex Legends? Jason McCord, Design Director at Respawn Entertainment weighed in on the conversation.

Apex Legends Season 4 is here and there were some big changes to the game. The arrival of Revenant and the map changes were astounding, and it was a success for Respawn Entertainment. We all know that Apex Legends is built in the Titanfall universe and the weapons are just the new variants of the weapons from those games. Titanfall was one of the best FPS games and was also very underrated. Maybe the biggest mistake was to launch it nearly at the same time with Battlefield 1. However, even though the game was great, there were some weapons that were controversial among the player base. One of those weapons was the Smart Pistol and players were worried that it might come to Apex Legends.

Is the Smart Pistol The Next Weapon in Apex Legends?

The Smart Pistol was a very unique weapon. It did not do a lot of damage but it had lock-on abilities. This made the weapon very unique and dangerous. The community rebelled against it and later it was nerfed. However, since Apex Legends was in the Titanfall Universe players, and with some rumors spreading around, some people claimed that it was coming to Apex Legends also. However, the developers announced that this was out of the question with a tweet and set the record straight. Apex Legends Season 4 already brought us a new weapon called Sentinel. Specifically, Jason McCord, the Design Director at Respawn Entertainment for Apex Legends closed down all the rumors.

But this does not mean that there are no weapons in the works. Even before the beginning of the Season 4 players were expecting VOLT to make an appearance in the game. However, with a great surprise, we got the Sentinel which is another sniper rifle and it was very interesting that Respawn Entertainment decided to add two sniper variants back to back. We can be sure that we will not see another sniper rifle for a while, but we’ll have to wait and see what’s next to come.

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