Shroud Says Apex Legends Will Turn Out Like Fortnite

Shroud Apex Legends Fortnite Comparison

Shroud went on another case about Apex Legends, but this time, in a good light. Shroud said Apex Legends will eventually turn out like Fortnite. Is he right? Read about the details below.

Shroud Prefers to Watch Fortnite over Apex

When Apex Legends as released, Shroud was one of the biggest streamers to promote the game on his channel. Apex Legends was Shrouds go-to-game after dropping PUBG and Fortnite. Things were looking good for Apex Legends. They’ve amassed huge success in such a short period of time that not even Repsawn Entertainment knew what to do with that success. However, as the months passed by, Apex Legends started to lose traction.

Less streamers were playing the game, and many moved back to their old games like Fortnite Battle Royale. Even popular streamers like Dr Disrespect were saying that Apex Legends lost momentum, and that it was an incomplete product. At one point, even Shroud pointed out that he would rather watch someone play Fortnite than someone playing Apex Legends. He didn’t necessarily say Apex was bad, however, he didn’t swing in favor of Fortnite.

So the big question was; what is happening over at Respawn Entertainment? Why did communication dry up? Why were so many players in the community complaining about the lack of updates in the game? As some players were trying to answer that question, one Respawn Developer gave his input saying that it’s better Respawn doesn’t commit to updates or changes in the game as their comments will come back to haunt them if they gear off path. But the main question still has not been answer. What was really happening over at Respawn? Well, Shroud gave an interesting take on the whole ordeal.

Shroud Says Apex Legends Will Turn Out Like Fortnite

During one of Shrouds recent streams, he spoke about the state of which Apex Legends was in. Shroud went on to say that essentially, Apex Legends is where Fortnite was, and that Apex Legends will have the same path as Fortnite. He was reminding everyone that it took a long time for Fortnite to pick up and have the success the game has now. Listen to what he has to say in detail.

“Fortnite was a very very long process. It didn’t just happen over night. That s*** took a while before it got to it’s state.”

Shroud was going on saying that Fortnite upped their game once the game started taking off, and that Respawn will do the same thing. Shroud believes that Respawn “realized that they did not expect their game to launch this big.” Shroud continued saying that Respawn wasn’t ready for the success it had, and that the game was now going through a normal transition of stabilizing itself.

He said that Respawn will put out new updates, hire more people for their teams and the game will take off, just like Fortnite did.

“Fortnite was trash in the beginning. It took a long time to get where it was. It didn’t happen over night. I think people forget that.”

Shroud finished off saying that he believes Apex Legends will do the same as it has a great foundation. Shroud definitely has a point about the path that Fortnite had many years ago, and that indeed the game took a dive from the beginning, and only after a long year and some updates, did Fortnite get back on the map. Hopefully, that will be the case with Apex Legends.


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