Respawn Explains Apex Legends Problems

Respawn Explains Apex Legends Problems in Game Play
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Apex Legends started the life cycle one month ago. The game has seen a very high player count, but with it came many problems. Respawn Entertainment explains Apex Legends Problems.

Respawn Explains Apex Legends Problems

Games as successful as Apex Legends will encounter issues eventually as more and more players report glitches, cheaters and discrpencies in-game. Apex Legends problems started to build up after the 2 week mark. The game just passed 50 million players, and thousands of players of those millions took the analysis of the game a little further, with some fans pointing out netcode issues. This gave the opportunity to some players to go into the game a little bit deeper and explain problems in Apex Legends. Apex Legends problems are very well known by the community now. The unmistakable hitbox problems, the netcode, code manipulation, etc…

Apex Legends Cheaters

Respawn Entertainment explained the Apex Legends problems and also tried to explain how they will try to solve it, and whether or not they are working on it. First issue was the cheater problem. Respawn claims that as of today 355 thousand players are banned on PC with anti-cheat. They are also stating that they are actively reach out to experts inside EA and outside of it. They are adding a report feature on PC to report cheaters in the game that goes directly to the Easy-Anti-Cheat.


The second Problem is Apex Legends crashes. The game itself crashes for most of the community on a regular basis without any pattern. Of course, Respawn is trying to solve this. They stated that Nvidia developers were working with Respawn last week and this week AMD team will join them. This is great news. In the next client patch on PC, they will be addressing some of the known crashes. But there will still be work to do because they are stating that they were not able to figure out all the crashes.


Since Apex Legends has so many crash problems, players are at least expecting a game reconnect feature to come in. However Respawn stated that they are not working over this because:

  • “It opens a lot of risks for players to abuse it.”

  • “We believe the resources needed to build, test, and release it are better spent focused on fixing stability issues so that the feature isn’t necessary.”


Respawn Entertainment explained they are trying to make improvements in this also. Unfortunately, they are stating that these problems are not based on the server quality and cannot be solved with spending more money on it. They said lastly “We’ll keep you updated on any progress we make.

One thing fans of Apex Legends can be assured is Respawn Enterinament’s commitment to continually improve the game and improve any performance issues. The Apex Legends Reddit community has been extremely active in pointing out certain glitches and issues in the game. The dev and community managers of the Apex Legends Reddit page have been very active on the site and making sure that all major concerns are taken care of. Although the Apex Legends Reddit page isn’t entirely based on complaints and reporting issues, it’s an important part for Respawn Entertainment.

The fact that Respawn is actively listening to the community and trying to stay on top of all the issues being incurred, this is a great sign for players of the game that the company is dedicated to fix and improve Apex Legends.

If you want to read the full Respawn Explains Apex Legends Crashes.

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