Respawn DEV Replies to Apex Legends User About Hacking. “We have more in the works.”

Respawn DEV Replies to Apex Legends User About Hacking
Source: Respawn

One Apex Legends user on Reddit made a troll video, which got the response of a Respawn DEV. However, a more interesting exchange happened which brought up the topic of hacking. Here’s the response of the Respawn DEV.

User Trolls Respawn Entertainment

Recently, one Reddit user put together a video of glitches and hacking scenes from Apex Legends. It’s a 5 minute video which shows some of the worst situations in the game. The user who uploaded this video to the official Apex Legends Reddit page titled it, “The daily struggle in Asia server.” However, before the post got out of hand, a Respawn DEV named “Scriptacus” replied. The way users can tell if a Respawn DEV responds in a thread is by a title banner. It’s distinctive with it’s orange color and says “Respawn DEV”. This is the indication that it’s an official account of a Respawn Entertainment Developer.

The Respawn DEV replied to the post saying, “Just FYI, this footage is old (pre 1.1)“. This essentially shut down any more debates on what was being fixed and if Respawn will ever get to certain claims. However, one user replied challenging the Dev.

Respawn DEV Replies to Apex Legends User About Hacking

Another user by the name of “Meng-Yv” replied back to the Respawn DEV, challenging him with this comment.

Respawn DEV Hacking Comment Reddit

The user essentially was looking for a response on what Respawn would do to solve the hacking problem which happens to be a “million dollar business in China“. The comment didn’t faze the developer, as he replied saying:

“Very true, and fortunately we have more in the works. 🙂 Some things take more time than others, but we’re well aware that this will be a perpetual battle on multiple fronts for as long as Apex is played.” – u/Scriptacus

Basically what the Respawn DEV stated was that they will always be on the battlefield, fighting hacking for as long as Apex Legends is around. It’s great to see this kind of interaction between an official employee of Respawn, and a user who was trying to one-up the developer. The user, “Meng-Yv” has yet to reply. Although his comment wasn’t made to troll the developer (unlike the original video in the post), he was just shedding light on a real problem.

Hacking has definitely hurt Apex Legends, and definitely responsible for some of it’s retention problems. Some users suggested to use mobile phone indicators as CS:GO, a popular game that was plagued with hacking now uses. What Respawn Entertainment will do next is anyone’s guess. But getting the reassurance from a Respawn DEV is always great to see.

Link to Reddit post.

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