Respawn Dev Explains Why They Don’t Mention the Features They’re Working On

Respawn Dev Explains Why They Don’t Mention the Features They’re Working On

Respawn Entertainment has been taking a lot of criticism from their user base, being called out for the company’s lack of communication. However, one Respawn Dev decided to give an explanation for all of this.

Lack of Communication?

The largest Apex Legends community is at the Reddit group. There, Repawn has a Community Manager as well as Respawn Devs who replies within the community. However, Respawn is nowhere as active as they once were, with many users calling them out on it. But what is to blame for this? Is Respawn showing their lack of participating in this community due to a new game release?

Is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to Blame?

Respawn Entertainment is coming out with a new game; Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Vince Zamepella, CEO of Respawn made the announcement at E3 in 2018. However, Apex Legends took precedence, being released as the next major battle royale game. Apex Legends blew up, and no one would have predicted it’s early success. Many were calling Apex the “Fortnite Killer“. But as the months went on, Apex Legends started to decline. Many assumptions were thrown on the table for this decline, but many were coming to the same conclusion. The lack of communication and no new content (aka battle pass).

Recently, Vince Zampella responded to one user on twitter when she was mentioning the lack of communication, saying, “Daily reminder that your sound is broken and pathfinder’s hitbox is also broken and Its Been already 3 weeks ~~~~~~ @PlayApex @VinceZampella“. Vince replied, “There’s a post from @JayFrechette about that, Jay can you link?“. Jayfresh, who handles the Apex Legends community on Reddit replied with a link to reddit. But some users weren’t pleased with the response as seen below.

Apex Legends Twitter Users Bashing Respawn

Respawn Dev Gives Explanation About Lack of Communication

One of the last updates with Apex Legends had a feature called the “Leader Penalty” which was accidentally added. Respawn quickly took to their Reddit page stating that it was a mistake due to script errors. “We updated the script, tested with QA and it’s now disabled for all platforms. We don’t have an ETA for if or when this would come out for real. Apologies for the confusion.” said JayFresh at Respawn.

However, this caused quite a debate within the comment section. Many users were calling Respawn out for their lack of communication and organization. One user went as far as saying,

“finding out Respawn is neglecting Apex to produce their new Star wars game is pretty fucking shitty, but explains why the game is dying.”

This seemed to get the response from one Respawn DEV named Scriptacus. Here’s his full response:

Respawn DEV Scriptacus Response Replies Reddit
Difference of Opinion

The community seemed split in the middle about this comment. Scriptacus was explaining rationally why there would be a lack of updates about features in their battle royale game. Even if someone from Respawn were to give any type of information or possibilities, they would most likely be quoted by it and then called out in the future. Due to the ever-changing pace of the industry, ideas and concepts can come and go. Committing to these things by writing it on a forum will only hurt Respawn if they were to change course and adapt to the changes.

One user named ApexCJerk was testing Scriptacus, saying, “I also get that people on the internet will bug you for a date on whatever you announce you’re adding to the game, but it’s gotta be better than this, right? I mean you just had to defend/explain the entire company’s business plan to a random troll upset with it’s current state.” However, hilarity came in the defense of the Respawn DEV from another user who quoted ApexCJerk’s statement saying “Troll here lvl 4“.

The reality of things is that the community is torn, and the decline of Apex Legends continues. One thing is for sure, once Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gets released, the Apex Legends community will be looking to see how Respawn will engage with this broken community. Let’s hope that Respawn’s next Season pass will silence their critics, and we can all see an incline of users playing Apex Legends.

Link to Reddit post.

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