Respawn Banned and Blocked Over 1 Million Accounts. Gives Anti-Cheat Update.

Respawn Banned and Blocked Over 1 Million Accounts. Gives Anti-Cheat Update.
Source: Roniña Rodriguez

Apex Legends has fallen victim to cheaters who wish to bring bad user experience to innocent players. Well, Respawn has been keeping a tight lid on cheaters, and they have a giant anti-cheat update to share.

Over 1 Million Accounts Banned and Blocked

Apex Legends has been losing popularity since it seen massive success in the first two months of it’s release. A lot of the game’s decline had to do with hackers and cheaters that have been ruining the game for millions of players. Apex Legends players would consistently upload videos of hackers ruining their game, or cheaters exploiting a part of the map. Although it seems like Respawn weren’t tackling the issue, they’ve released some startling numbers that will make anyone who wants to hack and cheat in this game run for the hills.

Respawn has added a reporting tool in-game that has drastically changed the way they find cheaters and hackers. In their new anti-cheat update, Respawn has stated that they’ve been able to find “undetectable cheats that are now being found automatically via EAC“. Because of that, Respawn has been able to:

  • Ban 770,ooo players
  • Block over 300,000 account creations
  • Ban over 4,000 spam accounts within the last 20 days

All of their effort has decreased the amount of cheaters and spammers by half in the last month. This is not only great news for players who currently playing, but great news for those who left because of the hacking/cheating issues. Although it was reported last month that Apex Legends Hackers are finding new techniques, it seems that Respawn is equally finding new methods to catch them.

If You Cheat, Respawn Will Find You

With the latest details shared by Respawn, players can feel at ease that something has been done to combat the hacking and cheating issue. Although Respawn stated that they “can’t share details on what” they’re doing (which makes total sense), but that they have the “resources and tools” to detect who is cheating in the game.

If you think you can cheat the system and bypass Respawn Entertainment, you’ll need to re-read the numbers above, as it’s a clear indication that Respawn is being proactive in their fight against hackers and cheaters.

“We take cheating in Apex Legends incredibly seriously and have a large amount of resources tackling it from a variety of angles. It is a constant war with the cheat makers that we will continue to fight.”

Read all the details abou the Anti-Cheat Update here.

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