Reaching Battle Pass Level 110 in Apex Legends


In this article we’re going to take a look at reaching Battle Pass level 110 in Apex Legends, is it worth the grind and what are the final perks.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Battle Pass Level 110?

Apex Legends Battle Pass Level 110

You have to go through some serious grinding to get to Level 110 of the Apex Legends Battle Pass. Lucky for you, you’ll have above 80+ days left to achieve that. As mentioned in another GameLife post, you can level up quicker by maxing out each legends 25,000 bonus points each week.

If you purchased the battle Pass at 2800 Apex Coins, you’ll have unlocked 25 levels already, and that should help you on your way to reach Level 110.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Level 110 Badge

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What Do You Get At Apex Legends Battle Pass Level 110?

Apex Legends Battle Pass Max level

Once you reach Level 110 for the Season 1 Battle Pass, you’ll unlock 2 bonuses. Essentially, the Battle Pass ends at 100, but Respawn Entertainment added a bonus extension of 10 to total the level at 110. When you achieve 110, you’ll unlock the animated Wild Frontier Badge, as well as the Havoc Golden Idol skin.

Apex Legends The Golden Idol Havoc Skin

For most Apex Legends players, they likely would have wanted to see a gold idol skin on either the R-301 Carbine, the WingMan, or the SpitFire, but with maxing at level 110 you unlock the Golden Idol skin for the Havoc Assault Rifle. What’s different about this skin is that the skin changes when you get kills in-game. There’s currently 3 tiers to change the skin. 1 kill, 3 kills, and 5 kills.

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Is the Grind Worth It To Reach Level 110 in Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass?

Apex Legends Battle Pass Level 110 Capped Bonus Points

That’s up to the gamer to decide, however, the animated Wild Frontier badge is very cool, and for the ego centric player, he or she will likely want to have that on their players badge card. You will need to keep in mind that once you max out at level 110 of the season 1 battle pass, you will not get anymore Battle Pass Points.

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