Patch 1.2 Update [Apex Legends]

Patch 1.2 Update [Apex Legends]
Source: Jake Virginia Respawn

The new Apex Legends Patch 1.2 is the biggest update the game has seen since it’s released. This is a good sign as Respawn prepares to unveil more details on the upcoming Season 2 at EA PLAY.

Patch 1.2 Update Details

Respawn has announced the patch details via their official Reddit page. They just revealed a limited-time event called The Legendary Hunt which is the Apex Legends version of challenges. Players who will complete the challenges in the game will be able to receive special skins in-game. The new event has brought some life to Apex Legends and hopefully this translate to users returning to the game.

On top of this, Respawn announced their 1.2 Patch Update which is one of the biggest patches they’ve done. The new patch is supposed to fix known issues, Kings Canyon Updates, quality of life and bug fixes. Here’s what Respawn has updated in the new patch.

Known Fixes

Players have been complaining about a number of bugs found in the game and have made it clear to Respawn that they are not happy. Well, Respawn has listened, and have made on of the biggest lists of fixes for Apex Legends. Here are the main ones:

  • Decreased the delay with items showing up in the menu when looting a Death Box.

  • Mini Map direction will now display correctly while in the ship or skydiving.

  • Improved server performance for some cases of rubberbanding when using items.

  • Removed an exploit that allowed a squad to have more than one of the same Legend.

  • Removed an exploit that allowed to “bunny hop” while healing.

Respawn devs also made improvements on reticles and optics are displayed.

Kings Canyon Updates

The Thunderdome, Pit, Repulsor had some minor changes done:

  1. The Thunderdome’s loot placement is changed
  2. Pit had two times more loot in it
  3. Loot bins were added in Repulsor.

Issues Still Outstanding

Although Respawn wasn’t able to fix the Playstation 4 sign-in issue and the Teamwork/Bonus Round badges, they will continue to work on this until a fix is found.

Additionally, Respawn added localized voice-overs for all the Legends including French, Ferman Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish.  It’s an indication of which countries are playing Apex Legends the most.

Full details here.

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