One Of The Most Insane Finishes In Apex Legends

One Of The Most Insane Finishes In Apex Legends
  • There are millions of gamers playing Apex Legends, and there are some amazing games that are left unclipped, or even recorded. Luckily for us, TSM ImperialHal shares one of the best finishes we’ve seen in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Circle Closing In

One of the most intense moments in Apex Legends is when the circle of death closes in. It gets’ more intense the closer the circle gets to its final destination. What this means is that the circle pushes all players to move close within each other. When there are a few final closings left, all mayhem breaks loose and players have no choice but to go out in the open and fight (unless they choose to hide of course). This makes for an excellent confrontation and really gets played to stay on their feet.

We’ve seen some epic finishes in Apex Legends, and there can be a website solely dedicated to showcasing amazing Apex Legends finishes. However, this recent finish from TSM ImperialHal was so good that we had to share it with you.

TSM ImperialHal Has a 1v3 Situation

TSM ImperialHal was playing with two of his other TSM clanmates. Towards the later part of the game, both TSM ImperialHal’s teammates went down and he was left alone to fight 3 enemies. It started off with TSM ImperialHal hiding under a compound while dodging bullets from the enemy. Because TSM ImperialHal was the character “Wraith”, he had the ability to go invisible for a short time so he used that ability to dodge bullets. He was also at the edge of the death circle which meant that he would need to move from his spot and go out in the open (otherwise he’s fall in the death circle and get eliminated). By the time he moved away, his last partner was downed leaving him by himself. That’s when the magic happened and it’s all caught on this clip:

TSM ImperialHal ended up taking on another Wraith character and outmaneuvered her to bring her down while she was fleeing. This lead to him surprising the other two enemies as they were probably trying to heal themselves and regain their armor energy. At that point, TSM ImperialHal had enough ammo to put down the entire team and win the game which seemed impossible at the start. His teammates can be heard saying “YOU’RE A BEAST” and “You are the f***ing best!!”.

It’s one of the best finishes we’ve seen for some time, and we’re hoping that more will come from TSM ImperialHalandf his team!

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