One in a Million Apex Legends Moment from Dropship

One in a Million Apex Legends Moment from Dropship

What does a one in a million Apex Legends moment look like? Well, here’s a hint. It has to do with the dropship. Check out this unbelievable video from xChocoBars .

Twitch Streamer xChocoBars

Janet Rose, whose known by her streamer name “xChocoBars” is  well known in the League of Legends community where she streams almost daily. From Toronto, Canada, xChocoBars has over 440k followers on Twitch, and close to 300k on her Instagram page.


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When xChocoBars  is not streaming League of Legends, she plays some Apex Legends with her friends. This is the common denominator across all popular Twitch channels as almost everyone plays Apex Legends on and off. Well, it was one of her friendly co-op games that landed her the bizarre moment in Apex Legends. You need to see it to believe it.

One in a Million Apex Legends Moment from Dropship

During xChocoBars Apex Legends stream with her friends, everything looked normal. From the choosing of Legends at the character screen so the pre-deployment countdown. As xChocoBars was chatting with her friends, this happened.

As xChocoBars deployed from the dropship with her squad, another squad dropped at the same moment. What happened after that is that both squads were stuck in mid air. There was no dropping down as they froze in one spot not moving. It was quite a bizarre sight as this seems rather impossible in Apex Legends. Surely the developers made sure that no two teams could intersect each other to create this collision. But, it managed to happen even though both squads seemed to be going in opposite directions.

There’s no real explanation for this. Perhaps at a coding level, but this isn’t really a glitch as it’s not like users have been flocking social media channels to complain about such events. It was literally a unique moment in Apex Legends that xChocoBars and her team experienced.

xChocoBars Apex Legends Squad Stuck in Dropship

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