NRG Dizzy Wins 0 Kill, 0 Damage Game During Apex Legends Challenge

NRG Dizzy Wins 0 Kill, 0 Damage Game During Apex Legends Challenge

Dizzy took on a different type Apex Legends challenge, trying to win a game with 0 kills and without firing a single shot. Does Dizzy succeed in this insane challenge?

NRG Dizzy Wins 0 Kill, 0 Damage Game During Apex Legends Challenge

A zero kill Apex Legends game is incredibly hard to pull off. They might be boring to watch but are extremely entertaining to be part of. Running around for 25 minutes, with no weapons and a shrinking zone is extremely nerve racking and can also get frustrating if you fail near the end. Although many players have already accomplished an Apex Legends 0 kill game, Dizzy took his first stab at it with while running a 24hour live stream.

After 2 hours and multiple tries, Dizzy and his squad trolled the final player and won the game without anyone even picking up a weapon.

Winning an Apex Legends 0 Kill Game Strategy

The strategy is fairly simple. Land in a zone where you can loot without enemy resistance. Finding the highest Armor and Backback variants are the most important items to find first. Phoenix kits can be picked up and used in the earlier rounds but must be disposed later on as usage time becomes your key element. By the end of the game you should be carrying 25 plus meds as your only supplies.

Winning Apex Legends with 0 kills inventory
A look at Dizzy’s inventory
How They Did It

With all 3 players still alive, Dizzy sat on the fringe of the zone, while his other two teammates troll the last enemy. They are very fortunate that the remaining player was solo and very uncomfortable. Smoke distraction kept the final enemy unaware of his surrounding environments as his high ground does not seem to be playing an advantage. Here is a clip of the game’s closing moments:

Although NRG Dizzy is not the first player to accomplish a 0 kill Apex Legends win, it’s still very hard to complete. Zones need to play in your favor and in Dizzy’s case, having a BOT as your final enemy does not hurt either.

NRG Dizzy No Damage Game Apex Legends

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