NRG Dizzy vs Dr Disrespect . “I’m the better Wraith player”

NRG Dizzy vs Dr Disrespect Apex Legends Battle Royale

Could the Doc be starting a new feud with one of the best Apex Legends players in the world, NRG Dizzy? Will we see NRG Dizzy vs Dr Disrespect match? One thing’s for sure, the Dr Disrespect knows he’s better using Wraith than Dizzy.

NRG Dizzy vs Dr Disrespect

During one of Dr Disrespect’s Apex Legends streams, he was waiting around for TSM Viss and TSM RealKraftyy. The Doc has been playing with both players for a while now. Competitively, all three players participated in the first Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge. Their team name was “Vissrespect the Kraft“, and they didn’t do bad at all, placing 5th in the competition. Since then, all three have been playing almost every day and have become a force not to be reckoned with.

Well, it seems that both players were not around when The Doc was ready to play some Apex Legends matches. What ended up happening was the Doc’s chatroom was throwing out suggested players to team up with. The Doc casually looked over and didn’t really think anything of it as he was waiting for TSM Viss and TSM RealKraftyy. However, one user throw out a suggestion that got the attention of Dr Disrespect.

“I’m the better Wraith player”

As the Doc looked over to his chat box, he read out one of the comments.

The Doc reads, “Play with Dizzy, they need a 3rd“. Dr Disrespect then said this,

“Yeah but Dizzy plays Wraith. And you know, I’d hate to go in there and just boot him off Wraith and say hey, sorry. Like I’m the better Wraith player. My situational awareness, the aim, everything. It’s just better.”

The Doc finished by saying,

“I wanna play Wraith”.

Does this mean there’s some hostility between the two? Probably not. NRG Dizzy has his squad that he plays with always, and so does Doc. Each squad has their designated characters between the players so no one steps on each others toes. If there was a match with NRG Dizzy vs Dr Disrespect, then both can obviously choose Wraith and duke it out. It would be one of the best matches to watch as both are great Wraith players, however, only one can come on top.

So who would be the better Wraith player between NRG Dizzy vs Dr Disrespect? No one will ever know as it would be a one in a million chance that NRG Dizzy’s squad and the Doc’s squad match-up in a game.

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