NRG Dizzy Trickshot MUST SEE Moment in Apex Legends

NRG Dizzy Trickshot MUST SEE Moment in Apex Legends

When it comes to short listing the best players in Apex Legends, NRG Dizzy obviously makes the list. From being the first player to reach Level 100 to winning the first Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge, he’s definitely on everyone’s top 3 list. This NRG Dizzy Trickshot will make your jaw drop.

NRG Dizzy Trickshot MUST SEE Moment in Apex Legends

If you’re new to Apex Legends and wonder who’s considered the best in the world, many names will pop up, but one name that pops up more often than not is NRG Dizzy. Although NRG Dizzy face has never been revealed yet, he’s still a masked allstar in the game. The only thing viewers can see is his hand/mouse when he’s streaming. So there’s no actual face to make a connection. Yet, fans don’t mind as his game play has taken center stage. He’s made headway into the space by becoming the first player to reach level 100 in the game, and becoming the first pro gamer to be recruited by an esports organization for Apex.

What makes Dizzy stand out is his commitment to his viewers, streaming literally every day, all day long. Another thing that makes Dizzy stick out are his highlight reels. He’s definitely not short on them. With that said, you’ll need to check out this must see moment.

Insane snipe with the Kraber

The Kraber is the rarest sniper you can get in Apex Legends. It’s so rare that you’ll never find it on the map placed somewhere. The only way to get it is through a supply drop in-game. If you’re able to track it down and equip it, you’re going to have a lot of fun sniping squads long distance. The damage it inflicts is massive, taking off an entire purple armor with one shot. Watch how composed NRG Dizzy is with the Kraber.

After watching the clip, you’re probably wondering what are NRG Dizzy Apex Legends Settings as he has some impressive moves in the game. In the clip, Dizzy falls from the roof of a building. He then drops towards two enemies in the corner of the ground floor. One of the enemies were reviving their player who was down, and Dizzy tried to take out the player. But his purple shield saved him from the one-shot Kraber sniper rifle. Dizzy tried to finish the player off with a melee attack, however, it didn’t suffice.

NRG Dizzy Trickshot in 1v3

What happened to be a 1v2 moment turned into a 1v3. Dizzy was getting shot from behind by the 3rd enemy squad member. NRG Dizzy quickly pulled out his Wingman and knocked one of the enemies down before moving up the stairs to reload his Kraber. That’s when we see the NRG Dizzy trickshot in action as he slides back down away from the squad, does a 180 turn and snipers both enemies, killing then with one shot to win the match. It’s an incredible display of skill, composure, and gaming intelligence. This is why NRG Dizzy is considered one of the best in the world.

NRG Dizzy Trickshot Apex Legends Champion 1v3 Clutch Match

After seeing this clip, the question of who’s better at Wraith between NRG Dizzy vs Dr Disrespect may have nee answered, however, we all would love to see that match go down.

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