NRG Dizzy Owned by LvL 12 using Peacekeeper

NRG Dizzy Owned

Apex Legends star player NRG Dizzy gets smoked by a level 12 player as his Wingman fails him.

Like every multiplayer game, Apex Legends was going to attract its own stars, as new talent surfaces. Without a doubt, one of the biggest and the most prominent Apex Legends players right now is NRG Dizzy. His popularity has sky rocketed since the game’s release in early February 2019. Becoming the first player to reach level 100 was his first milestone as many more accomplishments began to pile up. There is no doubt, should an Esports arena arise for Apex Legends, Dizzy will be on top. However, even star players have their moments of getting owned. Keeping cool is one thing, but getting killed by a level 12 is hard to hold inside. This is how Dizzy gets killed by level 12 and semi-rages.

How it happened

Of course, a level 12 account can smurf accounts, but why bother with a smurf when there are no ranks in the game. This fight happened at the eastern exit of the Bunker. Leading up Dizzy already had 5 kills under his name. All this changed when Dizzy gets owned by a level 12 rocking a peacekeeper. Surprisingly Dizzy’s Wingman failed, him accounting for only 131 damage. When the level 12 player approaches for a finisher, Dizzy tries to quit.

 Season Update

With the majority of players patiently waiting for Season 1 to start, the community was bamboozled by fake claims of start dates. Also, Respawn have changed their website appearance and added the next expected legend, Octane, to it. Yet players seem to only care for news on the start of season 1. Respawn has been working on bugs and hacker problems, while this can also be the reason for the delay.

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