No Ninja? No Problem. NRG Dizzy King of Apex Legends

NRG Dizzy King of Apex Legends GOD Best Player No Ninja No Problem.
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The first ever Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge finished yesterday. There were many highlight reels and special moments from both the European teams and the North American teams. However, one star shined brighter than everyone else; NRG Dizzy King of Apex Legends.

Who is NRG Dizzy?

Coby Meadows, known as NRG Dizzy became the first Apex Legends player to be picked up by an esports organization.  With his dominating performances in Apex Legends, NRG saw an opportunity to pick up this phenom and have him as part of the NRG esports teams.


Dizzy is first player to reach Apex Legends level 100 and also has the most kills in the game. He’s already making records and the game has only been out for one week. It was an obviously choice to have NRG Dizzy participate in the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge that took place yesterday.

No Ninja? No Problem. NRG Dizzy Shows He’s the King of Apex Legends

At the the first ever Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge, teams were made from both Europe and North America. One of the North American teams were “Kings Canyon”, which consisted of Ninja Tyler Blevins, NRG Dizzy Coby Meadows, and NRG KingRichard. Throughout the afternoon, Ninja, NRG Dizzy and NRG KingRichard were winning games easily.

At the mid point, NRG Dizzy was on his game, having almost twice as many kills as Ninja, leading the race in front of everyone including Shroud, Dr Disrespect and Summit1g.

During one of the matches, Ninja was knocked down and then eliminated, which left NRG KingRichard and NRG Dizzy left. Dizzy was far away from the battle and didn’t have time to go and revive Ninja, so he went into pure Apex Legends mode and zoned in. Then this happens.

NRG Dizzy King of Apex Legends

NRG Dizzy went on a rampage, jumping on the roof of the building and falling onto the enemy from the top, killing him in the corner with his Spitfire. Dizzy then goes back onto the roof, and falls on the side of the building to finish off the enemy and get the Champion Banner dub. Ninja is then seen clapping to Dizzy and King Richard’s work with him out of the picture.

But the most telling moment from this clip what the birth of a new King, in a new game. The Twitch commentator says:

“No Ninja? No problem.”

As cliches as that sounds, and with Ninja clapping to Dizzy’s finisher, we’ve seen a torch passed on to a new Battle Royale King; NRG Dizzy King of Apex Legends. He is the best Apex Legends Player right now, and has been setting records in Apex Legends. It will be exiting to see what he can do as the game progresses.

NRG Dizzy Apex Legends Champion King God Victory Dance Best in the World
Image source: Twitch/Ninja

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