NRG Dizzy Fastest Apex Legends Player – “I’m just that quicker”

NRG Dizzy Fastest Apex Legends Player I'm just that quicker
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NRG Dizzy showed viewers yesterday that he’s fastest Apex Legends player by grabbing items from a death pack quicker than his teammate NRG KingRichard. Watch how he does it.

Who’s the Best Apex Legends Player in The World?

Many gamers have asked who’s the best Apex Legends player in the world. However, in reality there isn’t just “one” best Apex player in the world. There are many. NRG Dizzy is one of the best in the world and he’s proven it when he became the Apex Legends King. He received a lot of attention when he was the first player to reach Apex Legends level 100.

Fans have started becoming addicted to his success in the game, and one of the most popular questions is his Apex Legends Settings. The game has only been out for less than a month and he’s become a fan favorite; right up there with the likes of Dr.Disrespect, Shroud and Summit1g.

Fastest Click in the West?

If Dizzy was born in the 19th century, he’d most likely be one of the fastest gunslingers in the West with the likes of Billy the Kid, Wild Bill and Dan Bogan. But, this is the 21st century and things have changed quite a bit since then. Now, it’s not how fast you can sling your gun out, but how fast you can pick up that extended mag or purple armor in a death box. And it seems that Dizzy has mastered the art of picking up items, being the fastest apex legends player on the planet. Just to prove how fast he is, anoher top tier player by the name of NRG KingRichard couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I’m just that quicker”

In the clip above, Dizzy and his teammates headed towards Thunderdome on Kings Canyon after dropping into Skull Town from the deployment ship. Dizzy said he saw a few squads head over to Thunderdome from the drop, and that it would be a good area to infiltrate. While heading in the direction, NRG KingRichard reached the rightside platform of Thunderdome. He eliminated the last 2 players, becoming the new king leader in the match.

NRG Dizzy came from the otherwise of the platform and saw the death packages on the ground. As he looted the first death package he saw, he then immediately drew himself to the other two that were near KingRichard. The catch is, KingRichard was at the Death package first, before Dizzy. However, Dizzy was so fast he managed to open up the package, go through it, spot the purple level extended heavy mag and equip it before KingRichard.

“How the hell did you get that Dizzy?”
KingRichard Can't Believe How Fast Dizzy Is in Apex Legends
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After Dizzy picked up the purple extended heavy mag, KingRichard made a comment and said this.

“How the hell did you get that Dizzy? Like that doesn’t even make sense.”

Dizzy responded saying, “I’m just that quicker”. It was a hilarious moment as the situation left NRG KingRichard perplexed. One thing KingRichard was probably thinking that he didn’t mention. He’s relieved he has Dizzy on his team, and doesn’t have to play against. And perhaps Dizzy can equally saw the same to KingRichard as he was the Kill leader in the game.

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