NRG Dizzy Face Reveal From Las Vegas

NRG Dizzy Face Reveal

The moment the Apex Legends world has been waiting for, Dizzy face revealing at live event in Las Vegas.

NRG gaming announced a special event in Las Vegas with it’s main attraction being a Dizzy face reveal. The event took place on Saturday March 16, live from the Rio in Las Vegas. The event also included special guests and prizes. (face reveal video below)

Live Face Reveal Event Updates

The stream started, as planned, at 12pm PST. Here are your updates leading up to the exact moment:

  • Dizzy and the NRG crew are stationed in a suite at the RIO Las Vegas hotel.
  • He breaks for a food break 4 hours into his stream.
  • Dizzy’s challenge goals for the 12 hour event:

Dizzy Vegas Stream Challenge

  • With cameras setup behind Dizzy, here are the first glimpses of him:

  • NRG teammates KingRichard and Ace start playing with Dizzy after his lunch break.
  • The official Tweet from NRG mentions Saturday night. Sources now confirm Dizzy’s complete face reveal will occur around 10:30pm PST (1:30am EST).
The Wait Is Over
  • 10:30PM PST, Dizzy steps away from his PC and returns with a spidey mask. His channel has over 40,000 viewers as he finally reveals his face for the first time:

The Mystery Man
Dizzy NRG roster pic
Dizzy roster profile showing his famous Shiba Inu dog head

Ever since Dizzy exploded with the release of Apex Legends, fans have been waiting for a face reveal. There are no prior pictures of him anywhere on social media or any old CS:GO tournaments. His fans had to accept the fact that the closest they would get to a Dizzy face reveal would be his trademark Shiba Inu dog head he uses everywhere. Even his official roster profile on the NRG website shows Dizzy rocking a Shiba Inu dog head.

More: Why Coby “Dizzy” Meadows Is The Best Apex Legends Player In The World

Dizzy was one of the first players signed to a pro Apex Legends organization as NRG signed him almost immediately. The move has paid off as Dizzy is now considered one of the best players in the world. His popularity has soared, hitting 500K followers on twitch in a little over a month. Dizzy is to Apex Legends what Ninja was to Fortnite.

There have even been Youtube videos using other people’s faces duping Dizzy. Recently signed NRG Fortnite pro Symfuhny was labeled as Dizzy on a youtube thumbnail.

Setting up an event for Dizzy’s face reveal is a clever move by NRG as nobody was expecting it to happen this way. The live streamed from Dizzy’s Twitch channel Saturday March 16th from 12pm – 12am PST.

He Finally did it!

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